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What is Light? Why do I need it? And how do I get it?

Once you hit level 20 there are 10 more Light levels. Your 20 on the left of your Guardian in the “character” screen is no longer going to change. You will have a new Light level on right. You will now start finding Helmets, Gauntlets, Chest Armor and Leg Armor that will have the Light property. Once you obtain enough of this equipment your Light level will rise automatically. If an armor item has abilities you can level up, typically your Light will increase with each ability. Following is a table with how much Light you need on your Armor to gain a new Light level.

Light AmountLight Level

Can you help with some of the more difficult bounties?

Overcharge – Kill 2 enemies at once with a Fusion Rifle – I like to go to Lunar Complex on Earth. This is one of the first missions against the Hive Wizard. There is a large amount of enemies in close quarters. Then just leave and wait for them to respawn.

Exalted Hive – Kill 10 Hive Majors or Ultras – The biggest issue here is once you hit level 20 alot of the previous Majors and Ultras no longer qualify since they are too easy. There are two areas on Earth where there are Majors and Ultras around level 20. The first is Bunker RAS-2, which is in the basement of the big refinery on Forgotten Shores. There is 2 Elite 18 Knights and 1 Major. The other area is behind the downed helicopters in Skywatch. This area has a single Elite. It will be either a Knight or a Orge. Both of these unfortunately have a fairly long respawn time.

What are the unlocks as you level?

Level 16 – Strike Playlists
Level 18 – Crucible Marcs and Vanguard Marcs (This is faction money to buy Legendaries with. You can only earn 100 per character per week)
Level 20 – Legendary and Exotic Gear and Light Levels

How do I get Vanguard Marcs and Crucible Marcs?

Crucible – You get 2 for a loss and 3 for a win in the Crucible. Pretty straightforward.
Vanguard – You get 4 per public event. You also get Marcs for the Strike Playlist depending on the level of difficulty you choose.

Also when you turn in 50 of base materials to faction vendors you can get 5 Marcs for either Crucible or Vanguard depending on who you turn it into. Vanguard Quatermaster is in the Hanger and Crucible Quartermaster is downstairs.

How do I get Exotics?

You can buy them with Strange Coins from Xur from Friday to Sunday morning. 13 coins for armor, 23 coins for weapons.
You can buy a Exotic Engram from Xur that will guarantee a random non-specific class Exotic for 23 Motes of Light.
You can get them from Legendary Engrams.
The bounty hunter will very very rarely give you a Golden Bounty that will have a Exotic as a reward.

Achievement Guide: Flockers

Bleederboards – 25gs – Look at what you’ve hurt.

On the main menu select Leaderboards. Then move over to Leaderboards and click until it shows Sheep Killed. You don’t even need to have scored on the leaderboard yet.

Bespoke Winner – 25gs – Complete any level with a customised sheep.

You get this for finishing any level with one of the Rewards active. The quickest is Designer Hat which you get as soon as you finish the first level. Just go into Rewards, activate it, then finish any level.

Just The Start – 25gs – Complete the first 3 levels.

Quick and easy. Just finish the first three levels with any score.

Four Friends – 25gs – Get 4 sheep into the exit at once within 1 second.
Get In – 50gs – Get 20 sheep into the exit at once within 1 second.

Very easy on level 2 Counting Sheep. When you get to the last section place a 2 high blocking wall on the right. Then place a 2 high stairs just to the left so it locks all the sheep in a small space. Then release the 2 high wall to send a huge concentrated wave into the exit all at once.

Air Burst – 25gs – Explode 2 sheep while they are in the air at the same time.

On level 3 – Flock And Awe – You will need to blow a large wood block after getting jump and super. Hit two sheep with explode in a row right as they are about to jump down to the block of wood. They will hit their timer as they jump up the wood and both will explode in the air.

Woolly Jumper – 50gs – Have 20 sheep jump at the same time.

Level 3 – Flock And Awe – Use a 2 point start to lock all the sheep into the small middle right ledge with the sleeping sheep. Lock them in tight to the right wall. Then when all the sheep are ready (you should have around 30) release them and you will easily get 20 in the air at once.

Dead again – 50gs – Kill 500 zombie sheep.

First you need to unlock Zombie Sheep by killing 5000 other sheep. Then this is cumulative after that.

Ewe go boom – 50gs – Blow up 999 sheep.

Using the bomb counts as 1. But any sheep catch in the blast count also. Same goes for the landmines. There is a landmine in level 3, Flock And Awe.

Caught In A Mosh – 50gs – Get 20 punk sheep moshing together.

To unlock the Punk Sheep you need to impale 20 sheep within 1 second. Best place to do this is level 3 Flock and Awe. At the top section is a three pronged spike. Trap your sheep until the prong is almost to the top and then release to get 20 of them killed at once.
After you get the Punk Sheep (and make sure to select them in the Rewards screen) moshing is get 20 of them crushed at once. I did this in 6 – Lambdroid but anywhere you have a place to lock sheep up and then release them all at once towards a crushing obstacle will net you the achievement.

Fashion Warrior – 50gs – Try out 10 different styles of sheep (blood included).

This is for using 10 different rewards. Both the skins and the blood color mods count. You can check the requirements for various skins and blood colors under the Rewards section on the Home Page.

Halfway To Perfection – 50gs – Collect 30 golden fleeces.
Good As Gold – 50gs – Collect 20 golden fleeces.

There is 1 Golden Fleece per main level. Collecting it gives you a huge boost towards your points and is a requirement for a lot of achievements and for getting 3 stars on the levels.

Soft Landing – 50gs – Save 100 sheep from fall damage by landing on something soft.

You learn about this in level 4 – Sunday Lunch. This involves using a single block as a landing zone for sheep to fall on. I got 10 in this level so you can replay the level 10 times or work on this throughout the rest of the levels.

Cream Of The Flock – 100gs – Three star everything.

Three starring everything is not easy. Some levels require near perfection for a 3 star rating. Check out this playlist on our YouTube channel for 3 star level guides.

Doing Great – 50gs – Three star every level from the first theme.

The first theme is the first 20 levels. The game is broken up into 3 themes of 20 levels each.

Found It – 25gs – Unlock a secret level.
Keep A Secret – 100gs – Find and unlock all the secret bonus levels.

There are six bonus levels.
The first is found in level 4 – Sunday Lunch – and is almost impossible to miss. Allow the platform at the end to go down so you head into the warp behind the exit and you’ll walk through the secret level unlock on the way to the exit.

Winner – 100gs – Complete every level (including bonus levels).

There are 60 main levels and 6 secret side missions to complete.

Boss Slayer – 50gs – Three star 2 boss levels.

There are 6 boss levels and they are every 10 levels, 2 per theme. So you need to get to level 20 to see your second boss to get the achievement.

Review: Flockers

5.86 GB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], PS4
Release Date
Team 17
Team 17
Single Player

Flockers is a Lemmings style puzzler where you herd sheep through a series of obstacles and try to get as many as you can to safety while avoiding death spikes and buzzsaws and a just a ton of other sheep life ending devices. The sheep’s part in all of this is to just go forward, period. They don’t think about how 20 sheep before them were just horribly sawed in half. Until you tell them differently, forward they will go. Like hardcore White Wilderness style. So yes, the first thing you are going to say to yourself is, “Self, this is Lemmings. But with Sheep.” and you’d be telling yourself the truth. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Lemming was a fantastic game, in 1991, when it came out. The question is does Flockers do it better or worse and does this style of game stand the test of 2 decades time?

The basic ability in Flockers is a system of blocks to aid you in moving about the stages. A single sheep block might help you climb a small ridge or allow you to aid other sheep in dropping from a high distance. From there you can add another sheep to the top to create a wall to block the sheep’s movement while you wait for a buzzsaw to move past. You can also stagger the sheep to create a series of stairs to climb to even higher area. The genius of this system is that these constructs also allow you to break them down in interesting way. Take the 2 sheep wall, add a bomb to the lower sheep and you just created a cannon to send the top sheep to press a button or reach a new area. During the first couple of levels I was worried that this lack of abilities would be this games downfall but these secondary interactions had a new level of planning to the game.

The other abilities are just as basic and straightforward. You have jumping, flying and making a bomb. Standard abilities to be sure but there are nuances here. Take the jump. It’s a pretty big jump and there are times when activating this ability too early will actually hinder you as sheep will jump over things you need them to hit, like buttons or waking up other sheep.

The graphics are what I can only call standard Team 17 graphics. Nice enough but definitely more 360 than ONE. Flockers looks almost exactly the same as Team 17’s last game Worms Battleground with the slightest of upgrades. Flockers provides an in-game challenge system where you can earn different skins and blood color. Yes, the color of blood your sheep’s bleed when they die horribly is customizable. These skins are modeled at a fairly high level of detail and you can see this higher quality when viewing the sheep close up, but that level of detail is lost when you zoom out enough to be able to see your entire flock at once so you can micro manage and keep them from dying every half a second.

One of the biggest opportunities missed here is when you get stuck with no way to finish the level. Lemmings had a bomb button that just tore the entire world apart and made it a little bit ok that you just lost horribly. In Flockers you just get to hit Restart. Kind of a minor, but in my heart a major, letdown.

There are 60 main level with every 10th being a “boss” level. Pretty much boss level means that there is something that is going to be actively trying to eliminate your sheep besides your own errors. There are also 6 secret levels unlocked by running over a special icon that is hidden in a standard mission. These secret levels offer up some pretty unique design. The first one being a group of sleeping sheep and you are scored by the number you can wake up in the time limit and then also keep alive. These variations here and there help to keep you going from one puzzle to the next without boredom setting in.

One of my issues is a complete lack of story. Now this is a puzzler so it’s not going to be War and Peace, but I’ve come to expect a funny little side story to my puzzler of late and there is pretty much nothing here. A 10 sec intro that doesn’t explain anything and doesn’t push anything forward in any way shape or form. It’s like they started to write and animate something and just got bored with and felt they had “put all this time into it so I guess we’ll put it in” type of situation. Opportunity lost there.

Let’s talk about difficulty. To just finish a level, that’s going to be easy. I haven’t seen a level where you need to get more than 1 sheep to the exit to count as completing the level, BUT if you are going for 3-star perfection, which there are several achievements tied to, it is brutal. You need to be perfect on a lot of levels. No mistakes, no misplaced sheep, no hesitation in placing your abilities. As I played in the review environment there were many early levels where I barely got 3 stars and no one else had. Obviously guides will be coming (I’ve filmed quite a few 3 stars myself) but on it’s own it can quite the challenge to get everything exactly right.

If you are an achievement hunter this game is going to be a bit of a challenge. The majority of the achievements (over 50%) are more end game style. 3 staring everything, killing a TON of sheep in various way. That sort of thing. One is for killing 500 zombie sheep, not too hard in a game about sheep getting murdered right? You unlock the Zombie sheep by kill 5,000 sheep, so its really an achievement for killing 5,500 sheep and when each level has around 30 or so sheep it is a bit of a grind.

Overall this is a fun puzzle game which the ONE is direly in need of and hits that nostalgia button at the same time. It’s tough difficulty is alleviated by the fact that even if you don’t 3 star something you can come back and work on it later without completely halting your progress in the game.

1) Strong puzzler
2) Lots of levels

1) Graphics are lacking
2) No story to help push you along



Review: Destiny (First 24 Hours)

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18 GB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], PS4, PS3, Xbox 360
Release Date
Single Player & Multiplayer

So right before launch Bungie released a statement saying that there were no review allowed yet and they didn’t send review copies because no one is capable of reviewing Destiny until you’ve played like a bajillion hours. Well, I’m going to do this review after just 24 hours or so of real time and maybe 6 hours of play time. And after that amount of time I can emphatically say I am NOT impressed.

Destiny is no doubt a really beautiful game and I am glad to see games start to push beyond 360 and into the ONE era but graphics do not make the game.

As I started writing down info for a full fledged review I started to notice a increasing large stack of negatives. So I am just going to copy my list over here and then we’ll go through it one by one.

No internal volume control
Separate loadouts for single vs multiplayer needed
Single player abilities do not work the same in multiplayer with no guide as to differences
Only 4 multiplayer game modes
Only 10 multiplayer maps
Strikes are BORING
Patrol missions are interesting but super repetitive and time consuming for little reward
Achievements are not tracked
Info is on only including all clan info
General lack of information past sparse tutorial
No penalty for death
Fireteams are only 3 players
WTF is the story?

No internal volume control

Really? Are you f-ing serious here. There is not a single option to change music volume, game volume, ANYTHING. I record for YouTube and no volume control is insane. Let alone that music is your number one ticket to a copyright strike. I was going to say is this the 80s? but I can’t remember or name a single other game where you can’t control the in-game volume in this decade or any for that matter.

Separate loadouts for single vs multiplayer needed
Single player abilities do not work the same in multiplayer with no guide as to differences
Only 4 multiplayer game modes
Only 10 multiplayer maps

Let’s just look at multiplayer all together. The single player / co-op could not be any more different than the crucible multiplayer. Not just in the general sense of its PvP versus PvE. Things work differently, abilities work differently. But there is no information on this. What is important for a gun to be good in PvP vs PvE? What stats carry over? How do they relate? These are serious questions that are only answered by dedicated players just doing blind testing. This sort of info needs to be front and center. Also because of these differences there really needs to be different loadouts for your Guardians so that you can have a PvE ready vs having to move all your equipment over before switching to Crucible.
I don’t know a game in recent history that has had so few multiplayer modes and so few multiplayer maps. There are 4 modes at start. Let’s forget whatever made up names they put on these modes, they have Team Deathmatch, Free For All, 3v3 Team Deathmatch and Domination. So off the bat, nothing new. They didn’t create a single new mode type. All rehash. From what I can, and you can really only tell from looking at Grimoire cards, is that there are only 10 maps at the start also. And my god they are drab and boring. There is nothing dynamic or innovative or special about a single one of them. The only way I can even tell them apart is that one is slightly more towards blue than gray from the last one I played. One map had some doors that opened. They I didn’t even know where doors from the start as they were so lagged and delayed in opening that I missed the opening event the first time. There are a LOT of dead ends also, just places where I was trying to path from A to B to find myself smack dab in a solid wall.

Strikes are BORING

I guess the one and only Raid is really high level so I don’t even know a thing about that but I’ve played Devils’ Lair and it’s just as boring and retarded as it was in Beta. There are 3 parts. Boring ass long tank battle, insane no place to set up a defense wave section, and then final boring ass long sphere battle. And you’re done. Neither of these large enemies (Spider Tank or Splinker) are enjoyable in the least and are more about ammo management then any kind of real strategy. In fact it’s like Bungie knows how long and tedious they are because they automatically replenish your ammo magically at intervals of the battles. Not even a crate drop, just here’s more ammo in your gun. Your welcome.

This really goes for all the missions so far. Just boring and straightforward from one group of AI to the next. No flash, no interest, no solid reason to keep going.

Patrol missions are interesting but super repetitive and time consuming for little reward

So after you do a few missions you can just run around the worlds and pick up small missions that for whatever reason as tied to random sticks in the ground. You have to find a stick, and then you typically just call the Tower to ask what you are going to do. Why can’t these just be a menu selection? I’ll now tell you why, because 90% of what you do is just go from one end of the world to the other. The actual mission tend to last all of 1 minute, but it’s inflated because of the 1 minute of finding the mission and then 4 minutes of traveling to the actual mission location. There is no fast travel from within the world of any kind.

Achievements are not tracked

Didn’t the ONE just get a nice update so that achievements are more trackable? Not a single achievement in Destiny tracks percentage. NOT ONE. And my god for a game that Bungie thinks I should be playing for 100+ hours and years of my life these achievements are worthless. No imagination and nothing is remotely end game.

Info is on only including all clan info

I hated this in Battlefield 4 and I still hate it. Game forcing you to go to their website, which typically is down or slow, to get information that should be in the GAME. For a clan, I have to invite to group, then they have to go back to the site to actually make the group a clan and all of it, EVERYTHING, is only accessible on the website. WTF!

General lack of information past sparse tutorial

After your typical how to jump and how to reload, they tell you nothing. Nothing. There is no help of any kind on how to do anything in this game. At least The Golf Club had the decency to make some YouTube videos for their game.

No penalty for death

There is no reason to live in Destiny. Dying means nothing. My team was trying to find a Dead Ghost (Which is glitched anyway) and it was surrounded by mobs that were so high level that we weren’t even allowed to see their levels and we just ran in there and died somewhere around 50 times each trying to get this Ghost that wasn’t even there due to bad programming and it didn’t matter. Fact is we were actually lowering their health through the process and if we had wanted to spend another agonizing hour we could of actually beaten these 3 elites just based on Stalin-esk tactics of the individual soldier’s life doesn’t matter. In the end it would of been 300+ deaths to 3 death but we would of won the battle.

Fireteams are only 3 players

Multiplayer you can have up to 6 but the main game is 3. All night is “You guys have room.”, Nope, sorry we are LOADED up with 3 whole guys. Not a big enough world for more people. People are all excited that there are other Guardians running around the world. Not me. I am there to win my battles and get my kills with my friends, I don’t need randoms KSing everywhere I go. I appreciate any game with co-op as that is where my real enjoyment comes from but only 3 people is a joke.

WTF is the story?

Seriously. 5 or so missions in and WTF is going on and why the F am I supposed to care about it? Get a ship, get a drive, eliminate this area. blah, blah, blah the whole thing is told in one liners from the Ghost and the rest I have to read.

This game compares to me to Gears of War: Judgement (Which on Meta got a 79 and generally negative reviews from users) in that it is quick missions and rehashed (just GOW) multiplayer. That game to me is better than Destiny. It had a story, say what you want about how absurd Gear’s story got, it had a fully fleshed out story. The best part of Judgement was the story changed as you made the game harder. “I heard you had the best equipment”, “No sir, we only had pistols” and then you only had pistols for that mission if you selected to make it harder.

Let’s also draw comparisons to just released Free to Play Warframe. Now Warframe being FTP is a money grab. That’s just straight up fact. Pay $20 and you get this thing now. BUT, you can grind the whole thing out. It definitely has launched with more Modes and more Maps. The weapons system with weapons levels and mods to pick what you want your gun to do is a great system. Mods are still drops and still earned so you still have that loot to win system that Destiny and Diablo also live by. Warframe has a interesting crafting system to make your own weapons and items. I give a BIG BIG BIG nod to Destiny in graphics and party system but Warframe is getting better.

More maps are probably coming. More modes are probably coming. Paid DLC and maybe even free updates but I just paid $60 for this and it’s no where near $60 of content today which is when I am playing it!

If your game really doesn’t begin until level 20 why the FUCK am I playing the first 20 levels then?????

These are just some quick thoughts.

1) Graphics
2) Party System

1) Lack of Modes & Maps
2) Lack of info
3) Missions are lackluster and tedious



Destiny – Dead Ghosts Location Guide

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1) Tower Plaza – Tower Watch ::
From the start, head left towards the North Tower but instead of going through the tunnel, head up the stairway to that goes to an overlook. This platforms looks over the main plaza. As soon as you make it up the stairs, go directly to the right. There will be a couple of crates stacked on each-other–the dead ghost is right on top and ready to be revived.
2) Tower North ::
From the start, head to the North Tower through the tunnel to the Speaker’s Chamber. As soon as you walk through you will see a bunch of crazy pigeons flying away; keep going straight. There’s a small walkway to the left, walk up the stairs to the left and the dead ghost will be on the ground also to the left.
3) Tower Plaza – Traveler’s Walk ::
From the start walk directly straight(but not down the steps)and up towards where you pick up new bounties. Go up the next flight of stairs and there will be an area called Traveler’s Walk area. This section is only open when there is an Iron Banner event running. So make sure you get in there and get the ghost when it’s open. There is a big gate that blocks the area off, this will open when the Iron Banner or any other “Event” is running. Go through this area, past Lord Saladin(who is the one you will talk to during the Iron Banner). The far right next to a balcony there will be the dead ghost on the railing.
4) Hall of Guardians ::
From the start walk directly straight and down the stairs. Walk past the two Crucible guardians on the right and left. Go into the Vanguard Strategy room where you would normally purchase armor from your guardian leaders. As soon as you walk into the room, turn to the right. You will see the dead ghost on the table.


The Breach
1) Look Up ::
This is found on the very first level, when your personal ghosts revives you. It can also be found in explore mode if you go back as far as possible. In the level your ghost will light up a giant room and you will see “The fallen” enemies in the distance. Then your ghost will tell you that he found a weapon for you. From when you pick up the weapon, go around the corner to the left. As soon as you turn the corner, look up and to the left. There will be some pipes and an opening where the dead guardian will be sitting.

2) Don’t get wet ::
Still on the first level, in the first truly open room where you fight a substantial amount of enemies you will see a puddle in the middle of the room. From this puddle look the the left. Underneath a cat-walk and around a small pillar you should see the dead ghost in-between some pipes in the wall.

The Divide
3) Follow the signs ::
As soon as you come out of the breath and into The Divide you will see a billboard that reads “POGA”. The ghost is sitting in a ledge on the back side of the billboard. To get up on this, go behind the billboard and you will see a tractor trailer. Jump on the back of this. Then from here jump onto the trailer house to the left. Then jump on the next roof of the next building. From here jump onto the box on the roof that looks like an air-conditioner. Next you want to jump onto the higher roof that is right in front of you(All of this will be ridiculously easier to do once you get a double jump). If you don’t have a double jump yet, try to make the jump from the air-conditioner to the set of lights that resembles stadium lights for a ballpark. Hop to the right and try not to bump into the satellite when you do this jump. If you make it, jump once more to get onto the last roof. From here you can walk to the back of the billboard and revive the dead ghost.

4) Round and round ::
From as soon as you come out of the breach and into The Divide, walk directly straight under the billboard. You will come out into an open area where there will be plenty of enemies and a drop-ship sending in more. Hug the right wall and go the far right. There is an area that looks like you can walk to but as soon as you try the game will tell you to turn back or you will die. So instead of going to this area, turn left and you will see a big round open cylinder sitting on its side. Inside of this cylinder is what looks like a Christmas tree that fell down. Right next to this tree is the dead ghost.

The Steppes

5) Shed your fears ::
Find the downed helicopter used in restoration story mission. From here head towards the small shed on the small hill. This shed is right before a much larger shed that is surrounded by the fallen bad guys. In this small shed under a desk you will find the dead ghost.

6) Hiding in the bushes ::
Head towards The Mothyards from The Steppes. In the valley there is a pathway that wraps around a giant ditch in the ground. The ditch is filled with grass and bushes. Head towards the pipes in the back corner of the ditch. On the right side laying in the brush you will find the dead ghost that needs reviving.

The Mothyards
7) Tip of the wing ::
The Mothyards is a GIANT open area filled with crashed airplanes. As soon as you enter the Mothyards from the Steppes, go towards the cliff-sides on the right. Find the plane that has its wing tilted upwards toward the cliff. Climb up the wing and double-jump (or ramp with your sparrow) off of the tip of the wing onto the ledge on the cliff. There’s a cave that also has two layers because it drops down to a lower level. Don’t drop down, just look to the left side and you should see the dead ghost behind a rock.

8) Around the canyon ::
From the Mothyards you can travel through a canyon to go to the Forgotten Shores. Before you get to the shores, there is a waterfall in the canyon. Go passed the waterfall and around the next bend and there is a cave about 15 feet high in the corner. Climb the rocks and inside the cave is the next dead ghost.

Lunar Complex
9) Hiding with the Hive ::
Go to Lunar Complex, can be done on the mission the dark within or in open patrol. There’s a large room that is the first time you ever see “The Hive” species. In this room go to the far right. You should see a electrical box, double jump to get on top and you will see the dead ghost that needs awoken sitting on top.

The Forgotten Shores
10) Captain’s Quarters ::
There are a few ships that are crashed into the shore. Look for the second ship down and look to the left. You should see a piece of the ship, that happens to be the front of the ship. There’s also a wheel by this chunk. Inside is the dead ghost.

11) Death Trap ::
Go to the second crashed ship, which is right on the edge of the water (also right next to the second mission “Warmind”). Inside the room in the from of the ship there are a set of stairs. Go down these stairs a couple levels and you will be inside of a bunker. The enemies here are extremely high level. Either come back when you are level 20 or try to avoid them and find the dead ghost under the stairs.

Terrestrial Complex
12) Next to the gym socks ::
When you enter the Terrestrial Complex from “The Skywatch” area, you should see a set of lockers on the right in a small corridor. The dead ghost is in the middle locker.

13) Under the Heli ::
Look for the helipad that has a few crashed helicopters on it. On the edge of the helipad you can drop down to a ledge. Under the helipad there is a room, there’s a big hole in the wall you can see from the ledge. There’s also a very high level enemy in the room. Either come back at a high level to kill him, or use a friend to lure the enemy out. Quickly run in and find the dead ghost on a desk in the right side of the room.

14) On the roof ::
As soon as you enter the Rocketyard jump onto the roof on the left-hand side. This is also the beginning of the “Devil’s Lair” level. Find the dead ghost on top of the roof.

15) Under the Russian sign ::
When you enter the refinery you should see a small room with a white light above it. There’s also a Russian sign above the room. Go into the room and find the dead ghost in the room.

The Blast
16) Stairway to the bench ::
If you’re playing the level “Devil’s Lair” you should come into a room where you are fighting a giant Tank boss. Go to the left side into a room and up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs there is a bench, the dead ghost is sitting here waiting to be revived.

The Grottos
17) Along the shoreline ::
The Grottos has 2 high level enemies. It’s right past the Forgotten Shore. Jump in the sparrow and ride the shoreline past two level 20 bad guys. Keep riding the shoreline without going too far out to the sea or you will be killed. Stay on the shoreline and you will come to a pipe. Just to the left of the pipe is the final dead ghost on earth.


Archer Lane
1) Begin! ::
From the start of patrol on the moon (and many of the missions) go up the hill and head to the left. There’s a big facility to the left side. Before you would go inside and before you go under the building there is a platform that has a few fallen enemies on it. Take them out and head to the far right of this platform. Jump on top of a few boxes and look back towards the original spawn you started from. You should see a dead ghost on the support system. Double jump across and you should be able to get it.

2) Don’t fall ::
From the start of patrol on the moon, head towards the large geodome straight ahead. Behind the dome and to the right is the dead ghost. Go the the right and you will see a huge hole that you can fall to your death in. Go to the edge, but don’t fall. Look down to the right of a huge shadow going upwards and you will see a platform under you. Drop down to it and revive the dead ghost.

Hall of Wisdom
From the Geodome that’s in Archer Lane, go through the dome and down the hill into a Hive hide-out, the Hall of Wisdom. Head through the Hall of Wisdom. Keep going until you go into an open room that has a small bridge and a spawn point of a ship, wizard, and many Hive bad guys. Once you take them out, go to the middle of the bridge and look to the left. You should see the dead ghost across the gap. You can double jump or you can simply walk along the side of the wall and grab it.



Destiny – Gold Chest Location Guides

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1) The Steppes – The first one is pretty much given to you during the intro. As you head to Dock 13 it is on a desk to your left.
2) Forgotten Shore – At the base of the ocean area you can head out to the left in front of the cliffs and it’s on a rock outcropping.
3) Forgotten Shore – In the winding stream area look for a small waterfall right before you get to the Shore. It’s in a cave near there. There is a also a Dead Ghost in this cave.
4) Lunar Complex – In the room with the Hive Wizard you can jump unto the ceiling of the room on the left.
5) Devil’s Lair – Can only get during the Strike. In the final battle with Sepkis Prime it’s under the right platform.





Review: Child of Light

Child of Light
2.31 GB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, Wii U/th>
Release Date
Ubisoft Montreal
Single Player

Books can tell incredible stories with brilliant writing that take the reader to other worlds. Movies can show the viewers those worlds in ways they couldn’t have imagined. Music can make the listener feel those worlds in unexplainable ways. Video games may be the only medium that can do all of these things in one. And with the ability to experience and move in those worlds, video games can also make you live those worlds like nothing else can. Child of Light is a living breathing fairy-tale book, with art and beauty that the makes the big screen jealous, and music and ambiance that would make the orchestrators of old truly proud.

Child of Light is an RPG developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It’s a 2D platforming adventure game that feels like a classic Japanese RPG. It’s also the first non Rayman game to use the incredible UbiArt Framework engine. Ubisoft has been on a roll lately. They’ve been able to continue franchises with success by reinventing them instead of just cashing in, like the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry series. They’ve also continued to introduce new innovative games like Watch_Dogs and The Division. And as of late, they’ve started to release small scale “indie-like” games using the UbiArt Framework. The diversity and quality of these games is wonderful. Far Cry 3 was an extremely successful game that had both critical and sales success. You’d think that Ubisoft would see that success and want to do nothing but roll out Far Cry games. But that’s not really the case. Instead, Ubisoft allows the creative director of Far Cry 3, Patrick Plourde, to completely switch shifts and create a wildly different and gorgeous game, Child of Light.

In Child of Light, you play as Aurora, a daughter of a Douches and Duke in Austria in 1895. Her mother passed away when Aurora was just a baby. Raised by her father alone, Aurora herself falls ill and dies in her sleep. When she wakes, she arrives in a new unknown world called Lemuria. Aurora has to find out where she is, why she has come here, and how to get back home. Along the way, she meets many new friends and foes and people in-between. She learns that the Queen of Light who once ruled the land has disappeared and the Black Queen has taken over. The sun, the moon, and the stars have been stolen and the land is swallowed by darkness.  The real beauty of the story of the game is the writing. The entire game is written in rhyme. The plot and the communication between the characters are read like a poem. The rhyme is most in the style of A, B, C, B. But other styles are used as well. It’s beautiful and unlike any story I’ve experienced in a game before. Only a few times did the rhymes feel like a stretch; for the most part, it sounds just like a classic piece of poetry. Each character has so much personality and even the way they speak and rhyme feels unique to their own. There’s a firefly named Igniculus, who becomes Aurora’s best friend. There’s a coward dwarf named Finn and an in-love mouse named Robert. There’s a happy jester named Rubella and her depressed jester brother Tristis. Each of these and more are characters that join you in your party. There are also plenty of non-playable characters that play important roles in developing the story. It’s a storybook plot told in a powerful way. There are twists and turns that feel right in place in the fantastical world. Everything about the story of Child of Light feels like a perfect fit.

The gameplay in Child of Light is personality my favorite battle system in any RPG I’ve ever played. Before you enter into a battle, you traverse Lemuria as a 2D platformer. There are a few puzzle type elements but they are really just roadblocks that last a few seconds before you learn how to bypass them. Enemies are scattered throughout, if they see you and hit you, you enter battle mode with the enemy getting the first hit. And if you hit the enemy from behind first, you enter the battle with the advantage. Your first friend you find is Igniculus, he helps in battle in a completely different way than the other party members. You can highlight enemies with Igniculus and hold them to slow down their attack. The battle system draws comparisons to the Active Time Battle system from Grandia, an RPG that Ubisoft published at one point. It’s a mix of turn based fighting and engaging action. On the bottom of the screen, there is a meter that has each player from your party and the enemies. Each one moves down the bar until they reach the attack section, which is where you can select your move. Some moves are quick; some are more powerful but take longer. Some attacks can slow down the enemy, some poison them, etc, typical RPG stuff. But the reason the “typical” RPG stuff feels anything but typical in Child of Light is that speed, being frozen, and slowing down completely changes the battle. If you hit an enemy while they are in the “attack” section you can push them back further. I’ve had plenty of matches where the combination of slowing the enemies down and hitting them at the perfect timing resulted in them never even being able to get a single attack off. But at the same time, the difficulty level can still be intense and is at a perfect point. I lost battles, I won battles, but I never felt ripped off by cheap difficulty.

You can also switch out your party at any point and have up to three members battling at once. Each character feels very unique. Some focus on power while others focus on magic. Some characters don’t have many attack moves but they can heal teammates or speed up moves for the group. Rearranging the team and completely changing the strategy is a huge part of the fun and challenge of the game. Enemies have weaknesses, like physical or magic moves and lightning or fire moves. You can find and place gems to give to the party members to change and improve the statistics of each character. You can do things like give them more defense or change the attacks to lightning. Each character also has his/her own skill tree. You can choose which abilities and move sets to unlock and improve on; which gives, even more, freedom for expression in your favorite play style and strategy.

Let me take a moment now to try to explain how absolutely incredible the art and music and game feel Child of Light possesses. Using the incredible UbiArt Framework, Child of Light is a visually stunning game. It uses a water color art style that looks like it’s ripped right out of a beautiful centuries old fairy tale book. The game is bursting with life and personality. The brilliant art style perfectly coincides with the story, characters, and poetry of the game. The backdrops and backgrounds of each level and battle look like a painting, a true work of art that would be found hanging in museums across Europe. Each character and enemy is given so much detail. The music in Child of Light is a masterpiece. Fully orchestrated piano, violin, drums, trumpets and more give the game a sensation unlike anything I’ve played before.

I talk about “game feel” from time to time. Game feel is a combination of art, music, storytelling, game play and pure magic that some games have that allow for this unexplainable feeling that allows the gamer to completely be immersed in the world. Bioshock creepiness nails this. The Last of Us is brilliant with this. Wind Waker’s charm and beauty do this amazingly. Super Metroid’s eeriness does this. The game “Journey” is another example. Imagine the developer creating an idea, feel, and an emotion for the world of the game. Imagine the developer making every single game choice to correspond with this idea. From music and art to gameplay and even how the pause screen looks. Literally, every aspect of the game is there for a reason and is done with pure excellence. Game feel is sort of when all of this is done in just the right way, with true purpose and distinction, so the gamer really feels the game in unparalleled ways. Far and away Child of Light is the most emotionally powerful game I’ve played in years. There’s no easy way to rate the “game feel” of a game. Some games have it and some don’t. More specifically, most games don’t have it. There are good games out there that just don’t have that game feel, and they end up being good games and nothing else. Then there are good games out there that have incredible game feel that pushes the game to new heights. But the best games of all time are great games by themselves, and then they throw in this incomprehensible immersion that completely takes over and allows the gamer to truly live out these games. Child of Light is one of the best “game feel” game I’ve ever played. The music, the art, the storytelling, the writing, the poetry, the emotion, the love and care and charm and character that Child of Light is bursting with is something that I cannot express enough. There’s a subtle innocence to Child of Light that is something truly unique and truly beautiful.

Child of Light is my favorite game on the Xbox One and my favorite game in years. If I made a list now of my favorite games of all time, Child of Light might crack my top ten. Based on the emotion, storytelling, characters, art, and music alone it would be an incredible game. Throw in an amazing battle system, great progression, perfect pacing, and pure fun and you have yourself a game that is unlike anything the entertainment world has ever seen. In fact, Child of Light is unlike anything the world of art has ever seen before, and that’s saying a lot. The absolute only complaint for some is the length. It will take around 10-12 hours to beat, but that’s without exploring and collecting everything in the world. I didn’t have a problem with the length at all, for just $15 and for the type of experience given, it’s the perfect length. If you haven’t played Child of Light, please show Ubisoft some support for making games like this. Buy the game, play the game, fall in love with the game and fall in love with the reason why video games can provide us something that nothing else can.

1) Unique storytelling in gaming with fairy-tale and rhyme
2) Amazing, deep, and fun battle system
3) Beautiful art and incredible music
4) Unparalleled “Game Feel”
1) On the short side when compared to JRPG style games