Why Do Summers Suck?

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Video games are a beautiful hobby. They can take us to other worlds, allow us to do things we can only dream of, tell us deep emotional brilliant stories, and they are just plain fun. My first video game was Super Mario Bros on the NES when I was just four years old. Although the Super Nintendo was out for a few years by then, my family was stuck with the NES. But that was a great thing because it allowed me to grow up on the 8-bit classics. I’m an early 90’s kid so my first console could have just as easily been a Nintendo 64. Mario and Duck Hunt quickly took over as my absolute favorite thing to do when I wasn’t eating peanut butter and jelly, watching Batman the Animated Series, and pretending I was all twenty-two players on an NFL field at once. Fast forward twenty years and gaming is still my definitive go-to diversion from the real world. Whether it’s playing Child of Light till the morning light is literally shining through my windows or being deeply interested and invested in the stories and advancements of our great medium or constantly checking on the smash bros website to see if any new characters have been revealed; I am always living and breathing video games. Every year around the same time I am baffled, perplexed, and downright annoyed by something that we gamers have to deal with. Summers… Why is it that there’s such a huge chunk of the year where there’s so little to play? There’s an epidemic on our hands and I think it’s time the industry takes a closer look at this and notices that there’s huge money being lost and wonderful opportunity for games to flourish this time of the year.

There’s no doubt that there’s less games to play during these scorching hot summer days

To clarify, I consider June, July, and August to be the real summer. Yes, summer doesn’t start until the 21st of June, but for the most part, these three months are what we regard as the actual summer. Most of us don’t think of September 15th to still be summer for example (even though the calendar would argue otherwise). For the sake of this article, and for what the entertainment industry in general considers, let’s simplify June, July, and August to be the legitimate summer. Now I don’t for a second want to say that there is nothing at all to play during the summers. There are certainly some games that launch each year. This summer we had games like Shovel Knight, Sniper Elite III, and The Last of Us Remastered. But the quality and quantity is definitely not on the same page as the other nine months. Much of what gets launched during the summer are games that we may end up playing only because it’s the only thing available. Transformers, One Piece, Worms Battlegrounds, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Sacred 3 are some of the lackluster games that many of us ended up playing just because there wasn’t much else. The aforementioned The Last of Us or the updated Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition are both ports of already released games (Metro Redux is another example of this). Even if these games are amazing, which they are, it’s telling that some of the best games to play this summer were re-makes. There are definitely some truly brand new and truly great games that came out this summer. Valiant Hearts and Shovel Knight are two of my favorite games of the year. But there’s no doubt that there are fewer games to play during these scorching hot summer days. Continue reading

Review: Stick It To The Man

Stick It To The Man
1.78 GB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox 460, Wii U
Release Date
Zoink! Games
Single Player

Stick It To The Man is a side-scrolling platformer / puzzler developed by Zoink! Games. The main protagonist is Ray and the story starts as Ray is on the way home from his job testing hard hats. Due to a unfortunate accident Ray is hit on the head by a mysterious canister and awakes to find that a long pink sticky hand is protruding from his head (think those sticky toys you get for 25 cents in a vending machine) and the rest of the story is about finding out what is it and why it’s there. No one but Ray can see that it is there and the game refers to it as a Spaghetti Arm. This spaghetti arm is your entire interaction with the environment. It allows Ray to read people’s minds and more importantly to make their thoughts manifest into physical objects Ray can use to navigate the world. Ray also uses this arm for fast movement. There are push pins plastered all over the map that allow Ray to quickly traverse the world and the game does a good job of creating paths that allow you to maneuver back and forth from one side the other. The main use of the arm though is to interact with world around him. Ray can peel back the layers of the world to reveal objects and characters inside buildings and vehicles and then pull those objects out and use them to advance to new areas.


The game is very beautifully laid out in paper cut out fashion. This style of game art is really starting to catch on and when done right, as it is here, really looks good. (Is there a term for this type of art? Someone somewhere must of come up with some jargony name.) Everything you interact with is a sticker placed on top of this paper world and your job as Ray is to manipulate these stickers to solve your goals. One of the first such challenges is to take the teeth out of an alligator and give them to a small dog. This allows the dog to scare off some bad guys so you can progress. All of the puzzles are along this line and really the entire game is a series of puzzles to get from one area to the next. There is nothing Mensa level in Stick It To The Man. They are not trying to confound or confuse you, the puzzles are really here to advance the story. In fact if you look at the map it will plainly point out everything you can interact with and it’s really your job to just pick the right item at the right time.

Besides fetch style puzzles the only other obstacle are sections of enemies you need to maneuver around. You progress through these areas with a combination of moves and using their own thoughts against them. Come up on a agent who is thinking about you and this allows you to pull that image of Ray off of the enemy’s thoughts and place it on the face of another agent causing a small window of chaos for you to move to the next area. The one issue is that controlling the arm is unfortunately quite touchy and it can be difficult to pinpoint a single specific object when there are groups of things to interact with. During the later stages you need to manage the Agents through their thought stickers and I found myself performing an action that got me killed versus the one I wanted to do many times.


The story is what really keeps this game flowing. The voice acting is just excellent and even the most minor character has something to say and contribute to the story. Basically the entire game is Fetch, Outrun Enemies, Repeat but it doesn’t get boring because of the level of story telling that is going on. If you are just a playthrough to get it done type of gamer then you might find the repetition a little boring. But then again you really don’t get a chance to be bored because it’s not very long.

The length is a definite issue. There are a total of 10 chapters with the first 2 being short story / tutorials. To 100% complete the game took me about 3 hours and that is playing completely fresh and not watching any guides. It does hit that near perfect price point of $10. A lot of fast easy games are coming in at $7 but I feel the production quality here justifies the $10 price point. Once completed though, there is really zero replay value to Stick It To The Man as you really will most likely experience everything there is to this game the first time.

1) Strong story
2) Puzzles are interesting

1) Length is very short
2) All puzzles fetch style
3) Zero replay value



Achievement Guide: Stick It To The Man


A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste – 100gs – Read the minds of everyone ever

From Chapter 3 on you have the ability to read minds. Hold LB and then select a available brain using the RB and you will get a little scene of what they are thinking about. You can check your progress by going to Chapter Select in the main menu and at the bottom of the screen in each chapter will show you X/Y completed. During any chapter if you hold down X to see the map anyone still a ? is someone whose mind you need to read. The agents do not count.


Drowned Skeletons – 60gs – Read the minds of the drowned skeletons

At the far right side of Chapter 3 there are 2 mobsters you need to get rid of. They will run off to the right. Follow them to the end of the pier and then hold down LB to find the 2 drowned skeletons under water Read both their minds and the achievement will unlock.


Decoyception – 60gs – Have enemies chasing other enemies chasing you

About mid way through the level you will learn about decoy stickers. Grab the sticker from the lower agent and put it right on him. Immediately drop down and let him see you, then the other guard will see the first and a merry chase will ensue.


Lady in the Sky with Ducky – 60gs – Return a totally sweet alien to the stars

In the bottom middle there is a furnace area where the Fire is. Grab the Ducky here. Climb to the top middle before the main tower and there is a old lady. Give her the ducky and you will get the achievement.

Careful What You Wish For – 60gs – Read the mind of a lonely cat

On the middle roof there is a man who thinks he is cheese. If you read his mind you can grab the Mouse. Take this mouse to the right side to the lady with the cat. Showing up there with the mouse will make the lady drop the mouse. Read the cat’s mind once it is on the ground.

Subconscious Experience – 60gs – Read Harry’s mind while he’s passed out

After a series of required events you will re-unite the ghost girl with the bunny. This sequence will knock out the guard named Harry. Then just read his mind after he is knocked out for the achievement.

Crew of the Dead – 60gs – Read the minds of the ambulance personel

Right after clearing the tunnel head to the right and there will be a large ambulance sticker to pull back. Read the minds of the 2 crew for the achievement.

Tower Offense – 60gs – Climb the asylum tower without alerting any nurses

The tower section is the middle tower above the roof. You can restart it at any time if you get seen by just getting captured and starting from the Mr Copy. Start in the bottom right and pull up to the right. Grab the ZZZs from the middle nurse and put her to sleep. Climb to the right and wait for her to wake up again. Then grab the new set of ZZZs and put the next nurse to sleep. Then simply climb the last section to get the achievement.


The Bird in the Sky – 60gs – Never get noticed by the helicopter

I’d go for this straight away. There are 2 main sections. Best to just watch the video.

Eureka! – 60gs – Give poor Ron the perfect idea for a date

Ron is in a tearaway Police station. You then need to go all the way around the level till you get past the second and last helicopter section get to the helicopter pilot talking to a woman. Tearaway that building and grab the Poster. This is what Ron wants.

Food for Thought – 60gs – Read the mind of an eaten fish

Grab the screaming lips from the opera singer in the upper right. Put those lips on the megaphone of the helicopter screaming at his woman. This will drop the fish and the pelican will comes get it. Head back near the start to the giant billboard and mind read the fish in the bird’s belly.


Out of His Mind – 60gs – Read Ray’s mind

Right at the start use Ted to read Ray’s mind. This is before you grab the first sticker.

Unnatural Talent – 60gs – Read Luigi’s mind while he’s singing

In the bottom left there is a Elvis. Take his guitar. Middle bottom there is another Elvis. Trade Guitar for Singing. Then to the left of that is a chorus of zombies. Give one the mouth and then read his mind afterwards.

Love is Blind – 60gs – Read the minds of an unexpected couple

From the end of Unnatural Talent grab the hair and head up to the Yeti in the cell. Give her the hair and then follow them outside and read the Yeti’s mind.

Conga Line! – 60gs – Get chased by 5 enemies at the same time

On the right is a section with 5 enemies. Simply use the push pins to quickly move around the area until all 5 are chasing you. Achievement popped for me when I cleared the area.

Dangerous Work – 60gs – Mind-read the recently departed

OK. Get the chimney from above the worker right at the start. Give the chimney to Santa in the bottom right to get the Present. Give the present to the zombie near the beginning with the shotgun. After the scene you need to read both the woman’s and the zombie’s mind BEFORE you progress their story. If you use the glass you will need to re-start the chapter.

Review: Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4
Retail and Digital
35.62 GB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], PS4, PS3, Xbox 360
Release Date
Single Player and Multiplayer

Just a few years ago the interwebs were abuzz with the war between the two first person shooter kings. Which series is better? The close quarters intense twitch based blood fest of Call of Duty or the massive scale destructive squad based slaughter of Battlefield? Now that battle is less prevalent, as new games like Titanfall and Rainbow Six: Siege try to take over the reins. Old champions like Halo are trying to recapture the crown. Even a semi-new genre of shooters has emerged and taken over the conversation, including the likes of Destiny. BF3 vs MW3 was the huge debate, and it’s tough to say who definitively won that specific battle. One may say that the ongoing war is still being won by Call of Duty, but the battle of the ‘3’ was won by Battlefield. So here we are with Battlefield 4. The massive scale is supposed to be like nothing else we’ve ever played with epic multiplayer, amazing graphics, gripping campaign, and endless hours of fun. BF4 is developed by Dice, Dice LA, Visceral games and Bioware. Dice has created great games in the past. With such high expectations, including a live demo at e3 2013 that saw a gigantic skyscraper come crashing to the ground alongside the audience’s collective jaws, what could possibly go wrong?

The campaign in BF4 is built to be full of emotions, characters you care about, and high action. I appreciate the lofty goals but the final product doesn’t quite hit the mark. The story itself is rather traditional. It’s really hard to do anything new anymore; people die, things explode, yada yada yada. We do see some brutal situations that from behind a controller we aren’t too shocked by, but behind a real gun in real war, would be life-altering. Sometimes in video games the giant set-piece moments are completely over the top and unbelievable. Like if you’re in a helicopter crash with ten other guys and you happen to be the lone survivor that gets to live another day. I call these moment, “oh come on” moments. When it happens once you think, man this guy is lucky. When it happens seven times in a few hour campaign you think, this is just getting stupid. BF4 walks this line to many times. There are a few set-piece moments that seem semi-believable, like shooting a window of a sinking armored car to escape while tragically leaving a comrade behind. But then other moments, like falling out of a ten story collapsing building or quite a few others that I’ll won’t spoil, are way to over the top and bring the player out of the believable setting into a superhero-esque setting that destroys the tone. The campaign itself takes about five hours to play all the way through.

The characters are for the most part likeable. You play as Recker, and the squad you run has a lot of personality. They argue with each other, joke around with each other, they have slightly over the top behaviors, but they are for the most part believable. But the biggest complaint, and it’s a huge one for me, is the fact that Recker literally never talks. Can we PLEASE end the days of the silent protagonist in this style game? It just looks and feels so stupid when someone like Irish, one of your comrades, looks you in the eyes and screams out for answers and help in the moment of insanity and you just stare at back like a deer in head lights. Are you a mute Recker? The biggest douche bag ever? What’s wrong with you? In a fantasy game or a classic pixel game of old or something of that nature it’s possible and even sometimes the right choice to make playable character completely silent. Maybe it’s best that Link and Crash and Jak stay quiet. Certainly in a game like Journey, Limbo, or the upcoming Rime it’s best to keep the protagonist quiet so the gamer can be sucked into the living brilliant vibrant world. But it’s absolutely ridiculous in a modern military shooter when everyone around you is engaged, questioning, screaming, shouting, staring into your soul as you just stand there dazed and awestruck like a speechless twelve year old child who just opened up his dad’s porno stash for the first time. This is admittedly a problem in many games, including Call of Duty. But it’s never been worse than in BF4 because of its attempt at a gripping emotional story with interesting relatable characters.

The biggest complaint in BF4 is the inexcusable glitches. I for one have never been more genuinely upset, frustrated and downright angry at any glitches in any game I’ve ever played. We’ll go over the multiplayer problems in a moment. In single player there are multiple glitches that can totally ruin the game for the player. Along with silly, strange, and forgivable visual bugs there are multiple campaign glitches that completely lose saved data. I personally got through the first four missions, of the campaign, including almost every single hidden item in those levels, before taking a break and going to multiplayer. When I returned I was shocked and irritated to see that none of that was retained by the game. I then heard from Swaggers (my friend and co-writer on this amazingly awesome website) that many people had to play the entire game in one sitting to make sure everything was saved. So I did that, including every hidden item in the game all in one six to seven hour sitting. This time the game remembers that I beat every level and collected every dog tag, but it forgot half the weapons I found. On top of that it didn’t save any of my high scores. How can I beat the level without posting a score? So basically the game is saying I beat the level without killing a single enemy. I’m either the greatest stealth player of all time or this game has worse memory than Dory from finding Nemo.

Multiplayer in Battlefield is where the money is made. After the success of BF3, Dice has to pick up right where they left off and improve on the BF formula while adding new and innovative features. And Dice did this magnificently, right? No… The map design, gun and equipment feel, and vehicle feel are all for the most part on the same page as BF3. Snipers at mid to long range, which is 75% of the time in BF, are still overpowered. Shotguns are still worthless unless on a few specific levels. Vehicles in the right hands still equal god mode. These things feel just like BF3, but then the changes come into place, and very few of them are the right changes. The movement and player control feels clunky and slow, and after many complaints, Dice finally decided to add a patch which states that “Changes have been made to soldier movement so that it closely matches the one in Battlefield 3”. So in this case Dice is literally going back to BF3, basically admitting that it’s the superior game in this aspect. Dice also introduces “Levelution” which is a dynamic level altering system to go along with the series’ stellar destruction mechanics. Specific areas of most maps have elements that can be destroyed via explosions or gunfire. This can be anything from bridges crumbling to whole skyscrapers collapsing. In the case of the massive building coming down, the way it completely changes the map flow and just how sweet it looks never gets old. But some of the others fall flat. If Dice had been able to implement more skyscraper-type levelution into all the maps it could have been one of the game’s strongest points.

There are massive fundamental design flaws in Battlefield and they shine through in BF4. From inside the game, there is only one way the player can edit each class, and that’s in the middle of a match. For some unknown reason there is no way to simply alter the Recon, Assault, Engineer, and Support classes from an out-of-match menu. This is just stupid, no nice way to put it. It’s great as an added feature that I can edit those classes mid-match, but that should be optional not the requirement. This is a design flaw, but on top of that there is a ridiculous glitch that still exists nearly a year later that deletes and resets the player’s class. So this is how 80% of my matches started; Right away I’d open up my class because I remembered that I just unlocked a new camo and scope for my sniper, so I spend the first minute of the game doing this when I should have been able to do this in the lobby between matches. The very next game I’d jump right in, pick my class, let’s say assault class, and rush right toward the objective. One problem, my new launcher, red dot sight and ego grip that I recently added to my class are nowhere to be found. What happened? Now I either wait to die or kill myself to re-edit my class. Then I’d notice that this has happened with all my classes and I need to re-edit every single one, which takes some way to long. Meanwhile the enemy team is barraging my base and I’m attaching my flashlight to my M9. There’s another way you can edit your classes, and this is on the battlelog website or app. The app is glitchy, I’d recommend the website. The website itself is very detailed, full of content, and extremely useful. But again there’s so much here that I should be able to do in the game itself. There are assignments in the game that give the player rewards like new guns, equipment, and dog tags. This is a cool feature that creates great replay value. What’s the problem? There is no way to access these in game. It’s entirely possible to play the game for hours and hours and wonder what these random assignments are that are unlocking midgame and what they mean. Any assignments you have progressed in are visible at the end of that match; but without context it’s confusing as to why they exist. And even if the player knows, it’s obnoxious to jump back and forth between the game and the website to see what assignment should be worked on next and how close they are to being completed. Why this isn’t in the actual game itself is beyond me. All I know is that as someone who is a completionost and someone who enjoys “side-missions” in multiplayer this is taxing and strenuous.

Battlefield 4 is a beautiful game. In the campaign the brilliant lighting shines through, the environmental effects pop with brilliance, explosions burst with color and the facial animation breathes life into the characters. My only complaint is that it’s missing the added umph. Technically it’s incredible, but it’s lacking the magic that can propel some games by creating a tone and game feel that genuinely pull the players into the world. In multiplayer the graphics take a big step back, but this is to be expected considering it is 32vs32. Things like plants and minor explosions can tend to look bland. But considering how much is going on and how many players are battling it out at the same time, it’s truly remarkable. Point black BF4 is just a pretty game.

Battlefield 4 is a definite misstep in an otherwise very strong franchise. The series still has a large following, but a good chunk of them certainly feel burned with this entry. The biggest problem is without doubt the massive amount of glitches. Small bugs can be forgivable, there’s always some random impenetrable rock that somebody learns how to get inside and reek havic. But as long as they are cleaned up quickly it’s not a big deal. But the sheer amount of glitches in Battlefield, how they completely ruin the experience for the players, and how long it’s been with so many of them still being present, it’s impossible to give Dice a pass here. I still haven’t been able to finish my own campaign achievements and I’m dreading going back in. If Dice could build a time machine and fix every single bug before the launch of the BF4 it would have completely changed the view of BF4’s success or lack thereof. But even without the glitches BF4 still could have been better. The campaign feels like just another campaign. There’s not much innovation and it’s yet another crazy ride of unbelievable death defying moment. I do like the emotion and characters, but that’s almost completely ruined by how strange and stupid it is that Recker is a silent protagonist. The multipayer at its core gameplay is a lot of fun, a nice addition to the BF series. But it’s still not as good as BF3. And the lack of features in game, like being able to edit the class and look at assignments, feels incredibly old. We’ve had features like this in online FPS games since the early 2000’s. Battlefield Hardline got pushed back by a few months, and I’m truly hoping it’s because Dice has seen the many issues in BF4 and want to make sure Hardline doesn’t duplicate them. As far as I’m concerned, I really hope they get their act together before StarWars Battlefront is released, because Dice has the talent and ability to make it a phenomenon, but with recent history I’m very skeptical. All in all Battlefield 4 is a game that feels rushed and broken. It’s still a lot of fun in multiplayer, but wading through the various glitches can be painful. Here’s hoping this misstep was just a hiccup and not a peak at the future of Dice starting to be “levolutioned” to non-existence. Also please give me Bad Company 3…

1) Beautiful Graphics
2) Fun Massive Multiplayer

1) Terrible game altering glitches
2) Lacks features in game that are industry standards (Forces you to use website)
3) Feels unfinished



Achievement Guide: Destiny

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Ship Rite – 20gs – Rebuild a Jumpship.

This is story related and will be given at the end of the opening mission.

A New Steed – 20gs – Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle.

This is given when you earn your Sparrow.

Inspector – 20gs – Inspect another player.

Go to “Roster” from the Pause menu. Select and player and select inspect any player.

Valorous – 30gs – Earn the maximum weekly Vanguard score.

The max points per week is 100. First you must get to level 18 and you will start getting tracked. Play Strike, Story, Raid, etc and you will get your points.

Notorious – 30gs – Earn the maximum weekly Crucible score.

First you have to get to level 18 for these to start. Then there is a max of 100 per week. Vanguard is given for Strike Playlist and Crucible is given for playing PvP.

Change of Heart – 20gs – Reverse a decision you made in an upgrade grid.

Any option where you have to pick one thing over the other in a column like abilities or weapon sights count. Just select one, then another. Done.

Relic Hunter – 20gs – Assist in capturing 20 capture points in Salvage.

Salvage is currently set as a special playlist and is only available at certain times. It is unknown at this time if it will be just weekends but the first available play time for Salvage is 9/12 – 9/14.

Excessive Force – 20gs – Register 25 kills in PvP with heavy weapons.

In the Crucible Heavy Ammo will drop randomly. The locations are always the same so memorize them. Then grab the ammo, switch to your Heavy and get some kills.

Decryptologist – 20gs – Decrypt 25 Engrams.

Enemies drop green engrams in single player and co-op missions. You can also collect these if you are rewarded one after a multiplayer match. Engrams are items that need to be decrypted. These can end up being anything from weapons to armor to materials. To decrypt the engrams you must go to the tower. As soon as you arrive in the tower look to the right, there will be a man who decrptys engrams for you. You will see a green exclamation mark above him if you have something that needs decrypted. Do this 25 times and the achievement will pop.

Use of Weapons – 20gs – Dismantle 50 pieces of armor or weapons.

From your inventory menu you can see any of your weapons and armor. Any piece of equipment that isn’t currently attached to your guardian can be dismantled. Select the item and dismantle it. You will receive glimmer as well as possible weapon parts and more. Dismantle 50 pieces of armor and you will get the achievement.

The Life Exotic – 20gs – Obtain and equip a piece of Exotic gear.

Each piece of gear has levels. Common is the lowest piece of gear. There are common items, uncommon items, rare items, legendary and exotic. Obtain an exotic gear and you will get the achievement.

Suited for War – 30gs – Have all armor and weapon slots equipped with Legendary or Exotic gear.

To get this achievement you must find and equip a legendary or exotic gear for every slot on your guardian. That means a primary, secondary, and heavy weapon. Then also a helmet, arm piece, torso piece, leg piece, and your guardian class specific piece like your cape for your hunter. That’s 8 pieces of gear, all legendary or exotic.

Bane of the Kell – 20gs – Kill 25 Fallen with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

The Fallen is the main species you see, especially on Earth. Kill 25 Fallen enemies with headshots without dying in one mission. Do this on a level on earth, it’s a simple thing to do as long as you focus in on headshots the whole time.

Bane of the Dead – 20gs – Kill 25 Hive with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

The hive is the zombie like species. They are found in many places, but mainly on the moon. The second level on moon is the easiest to do this. You go deep inside of the moon’s core and there are plenty enemies. Focus on head shots, get 25 of them without dying, and you will get the achievement.

Bane of the Machines – 20gs – Kill 25 Vex with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

The Vex is a species found on Venus. They are an alien robot species that travels time. This achievement can be done on almost any mission on Venus. Aim for the head, get 25 headshots, don’t die, and the achievement will pop.

Bane of the Emperor – 20gs – Kill 25 Cabal with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

Cabal Enemies are found on Mars. They are a large rhino-like class. Some of them are called Centurians, Psions, etc. To get the achievement you must play a level on mars and get 25 headshots without dying.

Lucky 7s – 20gs – Attain a Grimoire score of 777.

Play the game, any game mode, and you will attain Grimoire score. Obtain 777 or more and you will get the achievement. This achievement is glitchy. If you don’t get the pop you can try to create a new guardian and it will typically pop when you start the first mission.

Blink of an Eye – 20gs – Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds.

In any game-mode, kill 5 enemies or more in 3 seconds. This can be done anywhere, but one of the best places is the first or second mission on “Moon”. The Thrall are a type of enemy from the Hive species. They charge in massive amounts. Jump in the air and run around to avoid them and wait for a bunch of them to arrive. Then lineup and fire away. Either that or pull out a rocket launcher and blast them to pieces.

Public Defender – 20gs – Earn the highest tier of completion in 10 public events.

Public Events are random on all the planets. You will get a message if you are nearby. These can be defend object missions, assassinate, etc. You need to get Gold 10 times for the achievement.

Finders Keepers – 20gs – Assist in capturing 50 capture points in Control.

Play Crucible matches(PVP), and select the “Control” gamemode, which is the first gamemode playable. In this game mode you capture up to three flags and try to hold and defend them. Help capture 50 flags to get the achivement.

Hunter Killer – 20gs – Kill 100 Hunters in PvP.

As any class yourself, kill 100 Hunter enemies in PVP/Crucible.

Giant Slayer – 20gs – Kill 100 Titans in PvP.

As any class yourself, kill 100 Titan enemies in PVP/Crucible.

Witch Hunt – 20gs – Kill 100 Warlocks in PvP.

As any class yourself, kill 100 Warlock enemies in PVP/Crucible.

Ask Questions Later – 20gs – Earn a first strike kill in PvP.

Play Crucible and rush towards the opponent, try to get the very first kill. If you are the first to kill anyone, you will get the first strike medal in game and the achievement.

Triple Play – 30gs – Kill a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock without dying in a PvP match.

As any class yourself, play PvP/Crucible and kill a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock without dying. Don’t go out of your way to try to accomplish this, in the heat of battle it’s tricky to try to kill one thing exclusively. Just kill everyone you see, try to survive, and eventually you’ll get lucky in who you killed.

Raider – 30gs – Complete a Raid.

Play a Raid, go in with teammates. Achievement pops as soon as you compete the Raid.

Raiding Party – 30gs – Complete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.

Play a Raid with a full fireteam(3). Have every member of your fireteam be on the same clan. Go to Bungie.net, log-in the the website, find the groups section on the left, create or join a group, then finally select to add the group as your in-game clan. Now do a Raid together.

Epic Raider – 45gs – Complete a Raid on hard difficulty.

Raids are very hard, on hard difficulty they are extremely challenging. Go with a full fireteam, play smart, and have everyone be very high level with great gear. Good luck!

Flawless Raider – 65gs – Complete a Raid without anyone in your fireteam dying.

Play a Raid with a full fireteam(3). Have every member of your fireteam be on the same clan. Go to Bungie.net, log-in the the website, find the groups section on the left, create or join a group, then finally select to add the group as your in-game clan. Now do a Raid together. Don’t let anyone die. Have everyone on your team very high level with great gear. Then be smart, as soon as you take damage back up and wait to regenerate. Don’t play the hero. This is a tough achievement, good luck.

Vanguard Honor – 20gs – Attain Vanguard Rank 3.

Vanguard points are awarded for doing story missions, strike mission, raids, and patrols. Just go out and have fun and you will get Vanguard points that go towards your ranking. The best way to go faster is to constantly get bounties, which is in the tower in front of the Iron Banner section. Always be going for bounties and you will cut your time in half.

A Friend Indeed – 20gs – Resurrect 5 fallen players.

When members of your party die, you can press and hold ‘X’ to revive them. Do This 5 times.

Rising Vanguard – 20gs – Complete a Strike.

At the end of your first strike mission you will get your achievement.

Strength of the Pack – 20gs – Complete a Strike with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.

Play a Strike with a full fireteam(3). Have every member of your fireteam be on the same clan. Go to Bungie.net, log-in the the website, find the groups section on the left, create or join a group, then finally select to add the group as your in-game clan. Now do a Raid together.

Flawless Striker – 20gs – Complete a Strike without anyone in your fireteam dying.

You can not even go down period. The level estimate for Devils’ Lair is 8. So come back at a higher level with some friends and it will a lot easier.

Ghost Hunter – 20gs – Discover 50 dead ghosts.


Dragon Slayer – 20gs – Kill a champion of the Dark.

This is a level-progression achievement. Beat “Restoration — Old Russia” mission and you will get the achievement after you leave the tower.

Hunter Mastery – 30gs – Fully upgrade a Hunter Subclass.

Be a hunter and fully upgrade every ability of one of the subclass in the ability tree. (Bladedancer or Gunslinger)

Titan Mastery – 30gs – Fully upgrade a Titan Subclass.

Be a Titan and fully upgrade every ability of one of the subclass in the ability tree. (Defender or Striker)

Warlock Mastery – 30gs – Fully upgrade a Warlock Subclass.

Be a Warlock and fully upgrade every ability of one of the subclass in the ability tree. (Voidwalker or Sunsinger)

Packing Heat – 30gs – Fully upgrade an Exotic weapon.

Obtain an Exotic weapon. Then use the weapon a lot, level up the weapon and upgrade all of it’s abilities. To do this fast, use the weapon exclusively. Also get bounties and complete them, make sure you have the exotic weapon as your selected weapon when you turn in the bounty. The XP that you get from a bounty will also go towards the weapon.

Fully Weaponized – 30gs – Fully upgrade a Legendary weapon.

Obtain a Legendary weapon. Then use the weapon a lot, level up the weapon and upgrade all of it’s abilities. To do this fast, use the weapon exclusively. Also get bounties and complete them, make sure you have the legendary weapon as your selected weapon when you turn in the bounty. The XP that you get from a bounty will also go towards the weapon.

Achievement Guide: The Golf Club

Amateur Golfer – 10gs – Finish an 18-hole round of golf.

Just play through an entire course. You will get this while going for your FIR and GIR.

Driving The Point Home – 25gs – Drive a ball 315 yards or greater on an official course.

Course: Stone Reach Golf Links
The first hole of the Stone Reach Golf Links. Turn towards the water and line up the wind behind you. Crack it 100% and straight out over the water and you should get over 315 and the achievement. People have also said that hole number one Craggy Island Links is a good alternate spot if the wind is not favorable for you on Stone Reach.

Eagle – 15gs – Score an Eagle on an official course.

Course: Little Brook Manor
The third hole is a very short par 5. Driver off the box, and land your second on the green with a putt for Eagle. Will have to re-play the first two holes if you miss.

I’ll Take That… – 15gs – Beat a friend’s course record on any course.

Course: ANY
Glitchy in so much as their servers are complete garbage. Complete crap shoot as to whether this will unlock or not. Can be official or public course. When you select

Golf Buddy – 10gs – Play against a live rival.

Course: ANY
You need a friend who is playing the same course as you. They will show up as (LIVE) as in playing right now vs (GHOST) have already played.

Goldie Bounce – 15gs – Land on the fairway or green after striking a tree.

Course: Goldie Bounce Swags
I put a giant tree right in the middle. Done.

Give Them An Inch – 20gs – Putt a total of 1 mile.

Course: XXXXXX
You will putt about a 1000 yards a hit on this course. Whenever the ball finally stops, just hit Restart and putt again and again and again until the achievement unlocks.

Playing Favourites – 20gs – Favourite 10 courses.

While searching courses you hit the X button to Favourite a course. Do this simple act 10 times.

Party Planner – 20gs – Invite 3 unique live friends to one of your rounds.

While playing any round pause the game and go to Active Friends. Then simply invite 3 people. They do not even need to own or be playing The Golf Club.

Ace – 120gs – Score a hole-in-one on an official course.

Course: Long Pond Par 3
First hole on the Long Pond Par 3 Course. My secret is using the 8 iron, bring the shot sculptor up with the LT and moving the white line up to the top of the “A”. Course never seems to have more than 1 or 2 MPH winds so not a lot of correction needed. If you miss the shot Restart. Took probably 30 swings to get it.

Close But No Cigar – 30gs – Place the ball 1 yard from the hole from 250+ yards out, on an official course.

Course: Little Brook Manor
First hole. I hit the Sand Wedge off the tee box with shot shaping bringing it right below the 86% line. This leave me a second shot of just over 250 yards. Now line up for wind and hit a perfect shot. If it’s over a yard away, Restart Course and try again.

I Would Walk… – 30gs – Play holes totalling length of 500 miles.

Course: GameGuideCentral.com 500 Miles
What once was hard is now easy. Thanks to exploiting the waypoint system in The Golf Club I’ve made a 4 hole course where you do 4 1 foot putts and get 35,000 yards for it. Restart once you completed all 4 holes and the achievement should take you less than an hour. Bam did this legit and it took him over 10 hours. Sucker.

GIR Collector – 30gs – Hit all greens in regulation in one round on an official 18-hole course.

Course: Little Brook Manor
GIR is for getting to the green with 2 hits left. Meaning you need to be on the putting surface in 1 on a par 3, 2 on a par 4, and 3 on a par 5. How you get there doesn’t matter.

FIR Collector – 30gs – Hit all fairways in regulation in one round on an official 18-hole course.

Course: Little Brook Manor
FIR is for getting on the fairway your first hit on a Par 4 or 5 and getting on the green on a Par 3. If you want to be safe and just get this achievement then hit a Sand Wedge off the tee box on Par 4s and 5s and your final hole score doesn’t matter, just that you got the FIR.

KAPOW! – 50gs – Drive a ball 1,000 yards or greater.

Course: 1K Hole in One
Load up the course and you will get over 1,000 yards on the drive and possibly a hole in one. But the 1k yards is a for sure.

Build It And They Will Come – 50gs – Publish a created course.

Easy peasy. Just go to the Greg Norman Course Designer and generate any old settings, give the course a name and click Publish.

Super Ace – 100gs – Score a hole-in-one from 250+ yards.

Course: Super Ace achievement (Instant Hole-in-One)
Hit the ball 100% and it will funnel to the hole. 60% of the time it work every time.

Lucky Number Seven – 100gs – Finish a 70+ par course at par or better using only a seven iron.

Course: Lucky Number Seven Swags
You have to use the 7-iron for everything. No putter. This course is set to 7-iron length with Par 7 rating so you have a a lot of bonus strokes.

Explorer – 100gs – Play 100 unique user-created courses designed by other Members.

This wouldn’t be so bad if their search function wasn’t a complete piece of garbage. My suggestion is to work your way through the Public courses 1 page at time and favorite all the 1 hole courses. Then when you have over 100 (Due to server issues I suggest you had more than 100 to be safe.) go to your favorites and unfavorite a course to remove it from the list the next time you refresh and play it. Repeat 100ish times.

Ferret – 20gs – Hole the ball from off the green on an official course
Golden Ferret – 75gs – Hole the ball directly from a bunker on an official course.

The touch control in this game is just complete garbage. Any hole with a green side bunker is fine. The best advice I can give is on the green. Hold down RT to make you rotate faster and then hit a 100% putt to get it into the bunker. I then go for Chip shots as they allow you to swing 100%.

Pinned – 20gs – Strike the pin while the ball is airborne from the green.

Course: Flag Hit
The pin is right in front of you. Crack your tee shot right at it. If you miss just Restart.

Comeback Kid – 20gs – Finish an 18-hole course under-par having been +3 or more at hole 9.

Course: Comeback Kid Swags
The front 9 are standard par 3s. Make sure you are +3 by hole 9. The back 9 are Par 3 in length but I made them Par 7s. You should easily be negative by the end of the round.

Tour Pro – 75gs -Complete at 72+ hole Tour at or below aggregate par.

Tour: Pro Tour Swags
This is just 4 of my Comeback Kid Swags courses. You should be around -100 when you finish and get the achievement.

Fibbage Answers

In order to help people get the Pathogical Liar achievement and answer achieves in Fibbage I have made this table with all the questions I have found so far. Will updates as I find more. This table is fully sortable and searchable to help you find what you need fast!

8~~8-0 is the obscure emoticon that stands for _____.BAD HAIR DAY
107Monroe Isadore, a 107-year-old man from Arkansas, died during a _____.SHOOTOUT
55000Owning 55,000 of them, Ted Turner has the world's largest private collection of _____.BISON
5% MORE MILKA study published in the journal Anthrozoo reported that cows produce 5% more milk when they are given _____.NAMES
AFGHANISTANIn 2002, Bruce Willis sent 12,000 boxes of _____ to U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.GIRL SCOUT COOKIES
ALFREDThe electric chair was invented by a professional _____ named Alfred Southwick.DENTIST
ARRESTEDA man in L.A. was arrest at a police-sponsored gun buyback when, instead of a gun, he tried to sell the cops a _____.PIPE BOMB
BADCELEBRITY TWEET! 9:43 PM - 1 Oct 13 @MikeTyson tweeted, "I'm a bad ____.:BOWLER
BALLSOnly about 14 games were ever made for the Gizmondo game system including the game "_____ Balls."STICKY
BLOWINGOn November 12, 1970, George Thornton, a highwat engineer in Oregon, had the unusual job of blowing up a _____.DEAD WHALE
BOATSPeople in Damariscotta, Maine hold an annual race where they use _____ as boats.PUMPKINS
BOXINGLeo Granit Kraft is a world champion in an unusual sport that combines boxing and _____.CHESS
BRANSONAndrew Wilson, a man from Branson, Missouri, legally changed his name to simply _____.THEY
BUENOS AIRESAs a young student in Buenos Aires, Pope Francis worked as a _____.BOUNCER
BUTTOCKSDasypygal is an adjective meaning "having _____ buttocks."HAIRY
CALLUSA woman in Muncie, Indiana was hospitalized after trying to remove a callus on her foot with a _____.SHOTGUN
CALVARYSponsored by the Calvary Lutheran Church, people in Fort Worth Texas can now attend the unconventional Church-in-a-_____.PUB
CHARLES BUKOWSKIFamed American poet Charles Bukowski's tombstone is engraved with the words "Don't _____."TRY
CRUISESJacobite Cruises purchased unusual insurance to protect it from damage caused by _____.THE LOCH NESS MONSTER
DEVILEl Colacho is a Spanish festival where people dress up like the devil and jump over _____.BABIES
DIRTYUtah's Lehi City Council approved a request to change the name of _____ Road because it sounded sort of dirty.MORNING GLORY
DRESSESCheap Chic Weddings is an annual contest in which participants make wedding dresses out of _____.TOILET PAPER
DUCKMarcella Hazan is the culinary guru who pioneered the unusual technique of cooking duck with a _____.HAIR DRYER
E.T.The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing _____.JELL-O
EBAYThe first item listed on eBay was a broken _____.LASER POINTER
EINSTEINOddly enough, Albert Einstein's eyeballs can be found in a _____ in New York City.SAFE DEPOSIT BOX
ERECTEDIn 2013, a wealthy Michagan man bought the house next to his ex -wife and erected a giant bronze statue of a _____.MIDDLE FINGER
FACIALFor $180, the Shizuka New York skin care salon offeres the unusual but traditional Japanese facial that is part rice bran and part _____.BIRD POOP
FINAL FIBBAGEThe shape of wombat poop.CUBE
FINAL FIBBAGEWhat the British call the dance that Americans call the "Hokey Pokey."HOKEY COKEY
FINAL FIBBAGEThe band Queen's original name.SMILE
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the first chimp sent into space.HAM
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name for a group of porcupines.PRICKLE
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the dog that won the 2012 World's Ugliest Dog Competition.MUGLY
FINAL FIBBAGEDr. Suess is credit with coining this common derogatory term in his 1950 book If I Ran the Zoo.NERD
FINAL FIBBAGEHarry Houdini once threatened to shoot all of these people.PSYCHICS
FINAL FIBBAGEThe original name for the search engine that became Google.BACKRUB
FINAL FIBBAGEMiley Cyrus's real first name.DESTINY
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the dildo resembling Queen Elizabeth II that's sold by the Company Masturpieces.BUCKINGHAM PHALLUS
FINAL FIBBAGEMichael J. Fox's middle name.ANDREW
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the Star Trek starship in creator Gene Roddenberry's original script.YORKTOWN
FINAL FIBBAGEAt 65% alcohol by volume, Brewmesiter brews the world's strongest beer, which goes by this name.ARMAGEDDOM
FINAL FIBBAGEThe name of the man on the Quaker Oats label.LARRY
FIREDuring a famous fire in 1567, a Norwegian man named Hans Steininger died after tripping over a _____.BEARD
FISHINGThe fishing company E21 makes a very peculiar fishing rod that is composed of 70% _____.CARROTS
FLIGHTThe first reporting on the Wright .rothers' flights appeared not in a newspaper or on radio, but in a small journal dedicated to the topic of _____.BEEKEEPING
FOODThere's a novelty museum in Arlington, Massachusetts that only collects food that has been _____.BURNT
GALLAGHERProp comic Gallagher, known for smashing watermelons with a sledgehammer, earned a college degree in the field of _____.CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
GANGIn 1976 boxing legend Muhammad Ali released an education children's album titled "Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. _____."TOOTH DECAY
GIFTOn January 13, 2014, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry presented to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrow the odd gift of two very large _____.POTATOES
GINIn the 16th century, gin was referred to as the Mother's _____.RUIN
GLASTONBURYDuring th mid to late-nineties, the English town of Glastonbury was on a manhunt for the old house intruder known as "The _____."TICKLER
GROWLERSAccording to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, small icebergs are offically called "growlers." Medium icebergs go by the strange, two-word name "_____."BERGY BITS
HIPSuffering from an extremely rare side effect after getting hip surgery in 2010, a Dutch man has alienated his family because he cannot stop _____.LAUGHING
HOURIt's weird work but Jackie Samuel charges $60 an hour to _____.SNUGGLE
HUGGIESHuggies Brazil developed a phone app that tells you when a baby's diaper is wet. It's called _____.TWEETPEE
ICE CREAMBen and Jerry only started making ice cream because it was too expensive to make _____.BAGELS
ILLINOISA spectator in an Illinois courtroom was sentenced to six months in jail for ______ during a trial.YAWNING
ILLINOISThe sports teams at Freeport High School in Illinois are oddly named after an inanimate object. The teams are called the Freeport _____.PRETZELS
INVENTORThe inventor of the laxative Ex-Lax has the unusual name Max _____.KISS
IOWABritt, Iowa annually crowns a King and Queen _____.HOBO
JAPANTashirojima is an island off of Japan that is complete overrun by _____.CATS
JOHN LARROQUETTEFor his voiceover work in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, John Larroqueet was paid not with money, but with _____.MARIJUANA
JOSHThe fans of musician Josh Groban are called _____.GROBANITES
JOYJim Begelow, Ph.D., wrote a book called The Joy of Un_____!.CIRCUMCISING
JUNOWhile president of the United States, John Adams had a dog named Juno and a dog named _____.SATAN
KICKSTARTERA Kickstarter campaign met its $30,000 goal on April 7, 2012 for its shoes designed fo _____.ATHEISTS
KILLIn 2007, Golden Laurel Entertainment published a violent board game called Kill the _____.HIPPIES
LICKIn 2012, a 26-year-old man from London went on a mission to lick every _____ in the United Kingdom.CATHEDRAL
MARYLANDMaryland's official state sport is _____.JOUSTING
MOROCCOIn 2003, Morocco made the highly unusual offer to send 2,000 _____ to assist the United States' war efforts in Iraq.MONKEYS
MUSSOLINIRomano Mussolini, son of the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, did not follow in his father's footsteps. Instead, he made his living as a _____.JAZZ MUSICIAN
MUSTACHEPatented in 1890, U.S. Patent US435748 is for a mustache ____.GUARD
NEBRASKAIn 2007, to make a point, Nebraskain State Sen. Ernie Chambers filed a frivolous lawsuit against _____.GOD
NEPALROAD TRIP! When in Nepal, visit the village of Parsawa and Laxmipur, where you can enjoy the slightly off-putting 10 day _____ Festival.CURSING
NEW HAMPSHIREA group known as the "Robin Hooders" in Keene, New Hampshire pay for other people's _____.PARKING METERS
NORWAYIn an effort to push "slow TV," Norway had a 12-hour block of programming in 2013 dedicated to _____.KNITTING
OHBelmont University in Nashville has offered a class called "Oh, Look, a _____."CHICKEN
PACIFICThe area in the Pacific Ocean where great white sharks congregate every spring is called the White Shark _____.
PANTSReg Mellor is the reigning champion of a sport that just involves keeping a _____ in your pants.FERRET
PEPSIDuring the summer of 2007, Pepsi sold a gree-tinted coal in Japan called Pepsi Ice _____.CUCUMBER
PETERUnder Peter the Great, noblemen had to pay 100 rubles a year for a _____ license.BEARD
PETITIONIn 2000, Australia had its larget ever online petition, which called for an end to rising _____ prices.BEER
PIGSAlthough very unconventional, farmer William von Schneidau feeds his pigs _____.MARIJUANA
PILEWhen Paul Nelson and Andrew Hunter climbed Britain's highest mountain in 2006, they made an unusual discovery hidden behind a pile of stones. It was a _____.PIANO
POLICEAt 2:45 a.m. one day in June 2013, a man in Orlando, Florida was arrested for walking up to a police officer and punching his _____.HORSE
POPE PIUS IIBefore he became pope, Pope Pius II wrote an erotic novel titled The Tale of the _____.TWO LOVERS
PRIZEA 2013 Pakistani game show caused a controversy when their grand prize was a _____.BABY
PROMIn 2013, two teens from Sequoyah High Sxhool near Atlanta, Georgia won $5,0000 schoplarships for wearing _____ to promDUCT TAPE
QUEENSSince 2000, a couple in Queens, New York has been living rent-free in a _____ in exchange for taking care of it.CEMETERY
RATHERFor a story he was reporting on in 1955, Dan Rather tried _____ for the first time.HEROIN
RECKONINGChosen, Shunned and Reckoning are all books in an unusual series about _____ vampires.AMISH
RELEASEIn 2013, a 51-year-old Swedish inmate broke out of prison a day before his scheduled release so he could go see a _____.DENTIST
RIOTThere is a riot police unit in the Russian town of Rostov-na-Donu that is comprised entirely of _____'TWINS
SADDAMIn 1980, Saddam Hussein was named an honorary citizen of _____.DETROIT
SEIZURESA neurology professor at Albany Medical College documented in a 1991 medical journal that one of his patients had seizures when she heard _____.MARY HART'S VOICE
SEXIn 2008, a couple was killed in South Africa while having sex on a _____.RAILROAD TRACK
SIMMONSCELEBRITY TWEET! 2:49 PM - 15 Nov 13 Richard Simmons' Twitter handle @TheWeightSaint tweeted: "At the airport ____ everyone."HUGGING
SMUGGLEIn 2010, Customs officers on the Morway-Sweden border intercepted a truck trying to smuggle 28 tons of _____ from China.GARLIC
STABBEDIn 2012, a teenager from Weslaco, Texas claimed the reason he stabbed his friend was because a _____ made him do it.OUIJA BOARD
STALLONEIn school, Syvester Stallone was voted by his teachers as Most Likely to Go To ______.THE ELECTRIC CHAIR
STONEHENGEROAD TRIP! While in Alliance, Nebraska, you can visit the Stonehenge replica made out of _____.CARS
SWEDISHAs a way to protest Belarus' police state, a Swedish group dropped hundreds of _____ from an airplane.TEDDY BEARS
TARATara Reid once said, "I make Jessica Simpson look like a _____ scientist."ROCK
TECHNOLOGYAdvanced Comfort Technology makes waterbeds for _____.COWS
TELEMARKETERSTo make it extremely difficult for telemarketers to pronounce, Tim Price changed his name in 2012 to Tim _____.PPPPPPPPPPPRICE
TEXT MESSAGEThe first text message was by Neil Papworth in 1992. He texted, "____."MERRY CHRISTMAS
TRANSLATEDThe movie G.I. Janes was translated to ____ Female Soldier in China.SATAN
URINEAccording to the nonfiction book The Man-Eating Tigers of Sundarbans, tiger urine "smells sort of like _____."BUTTERED POPCORN
VENDING MACHINEAt the Meitestu-Nagoya train station in Japan, there's an odd vending machine that sells _____.PORN
VILLAGELocated within the municipal boundaries of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, there lies the controversially name village of _____'SWASTIKA
VILLAGELocated near the town of Stanley, there's a small village in England called No _____.PLACE
VOUCHERThe Lehigh Valley IronPigs, a minor league baseball team, held a contest where the prize was a voucher for a ______.FUNERAL
WEAPONSEvery year residents in Ivrea, Italy reenact a historicalbattle of their region, and instead of replica weapons, they use _____.ORANGES

Preview: Fibbage

319.84 MB
Release Date
Jackbox Games
Jackbox Games

We have an answers page for Fibbage right HERE.

Ok so out of nowhere Fibbage is available on Xbox ONE today for just $6.99. Fibbage is a party game of bluffing like Balderdash. It can be played by 2 to 8 players. The game will ask you an obscure question and you need to try to make up the best lie you can out of everyone playing. The object is to get multiple people to select your lie, while you manage to pick the right one. Once everyone enters their lie (can’t think of one, the game will pick one for you but you get less points) the game present all the lies, the thruth, and a couple extra lies the game makes up so it’s harder to guess.

So I am going to assume your first question is how do you play a 8 person game on the Xbox ONE. Do you need 8 controller? Nope. You don’t even need a single controller. That is the genius of this game. Your ONE is really just the presenter/announcer. All of the players. Every single one of them plays through any internet browser. You don’t need Windows 7, you don’t need a iPhone you just need a browser. I tested IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Torch and all worked perfectly.

When you start up the game it will present you with a Room Code. All the players then go to fibbage.com and enter that room code and their name and they are automatically entered into the game. It was maybe 2 seconds after hitting enter it appeared. Everything you see on the ONE is shown on the play page online, so really people don’t need to be in the same room or even country to play together. On top of that only the main profile logged into the ONE even needs the game.

Achievements. I got 900 out of a 1000 in about 20 minutes. The final single 100 is for seeing every single question. After 1 game (7 questions) I was at 3% so that last achievement is going to be a doozy. Also since it is run from a single Xbox ONE only the one main profile will ever be logged in, so only the presenter can get achievements but everyone answering counts towards them.

Most of the achievements are really straight forward. There is one for entering the Truth as your Lie. The game is pretty strict on what is correct. If you do manage to get the answer they want it will tell you right away, unlock the achievement, and make you pick a new Lie.

If you are just going for the achievements then playing 1 v 1 against yourself in 2 different browser windows will be the quickest. But truthfully this is fun little party game that I plan to play “legit” every chance I get. Seeing every question is a pain achievement wise, it’s refreshing game wise that they took the time to include so many options. This is not a kids game though as just in the single game I’ve managed to play there were questions about sex, drugs and violence. If you don’t want to buy it, but want to play shoot me a message and we can play anytime!

Review: The Golf Club

The Golf Club
1.86 GB
Available On
Xbox ONE [Reviewed], PS4
Release Date
HB Studios
Single Player & Pseudo Multiplayer

The Golf Club aims to bring a simulation level realistic golf game to the Xbox ONE. It is the polar opposite of the over the top, crazy ability style golf game that Powerstar Golf is. The Golf Club takes you to the course, puts a club in your hands and then sits down on the bench and quietly giggles to itself as you try to figure out how to hell you even do something as simple as swinging the club. There is not a single tutorial here. HB Studio’s official YouTube channel has a series of tutorial videos that are your only option if you can be bothered to leave the game and find them. There are no power indicators, no landing area circles to be found. The entire game is visual. If you are a Tiger Tracking / Astrid’s Putting Preview type putter you are going to be in for a world of hurt. You are given a basic grid and the knowledge of how far you are from the hole and the rest of the putt is up to you. Again, there are no power or percentage indicators here, just your golfer pulling back the putter and you letting it go. I’m not against this “no frills” golfing experience but when you deviate so far from the standard golf game’s setup a little tutorial heads up is the least I would expect from you.

It’s a chore to even start a round of golf. Let’s look at how you start up a round on one of the official courses. How many official courses comes with the base game? Well that is a difficult answer to provide because of the insanely convoluted way in which you even pick a course to play. When you start a round you are presented with a Windows Metro style menu of various sized boxes. Each one representing a course, some official and some user created. If these initial 6 or so courses don’t meet your fancy you are taken to a course search window. One of the worst search engines ever designed. Besides selected pre-approved searches like Top Rated Of The Week or Courses Your Friends Have Played your only other option is a word search of the exact course name left to right. Meaning if I made a course called “Lucky Number Seven Swags” (Which I did and you should play it to get the Lucky Number Seven achievement) the only way to find it would be to search for “Lucky Number”. A search for “Swags” or even “Seven” would not find my course. The even more major issue is that the search is ONLY based on names. I can’t search by Creator. No search by difficulty, number of holes or any of the other standard items that would make sense in a game that prides itself on the shear number of courses that will soon be available via the course creator.

The course creator is really The Golf Club’s shining star and even it is flawed in many ways. As with the main game, outside of searching for YouTube videos, there is no help getting started. Let me get it out there that you can do some amazing things with the course creator. I’ve already created 5 or so achievement helping based courses and after the initial four hours of bumbling around like an idiot figuring it out I’ve got the most basic of basics down now. It start by asking a series of questions about your basic plan for the course. Links style? How many tree? How much water? And after all of that it generates a random course for you after about 1 or so minutes. Don’t like it? You can generate a completely new base course or go in hole by hole and tweak to your liking. You can place golf carts down and even animals like a humpback whale that will swim around in the water. Seriously. You can put a humpback whale on your course. Where it fails is in terrain adjustments. Raising and lower land is a chore. The game can get lost in your elevation changes and suddenly you have a course where all the trees are 2 miles up in the air and I haven’t been able to find a fix besides loading a previous save or re-starting the entire course from scratch. The terrain also balloons in and out while trying to make changes that make it extremely difficult to see what you are currently working on. There is also no grid on most of the course making it hard to differentiate elevations.

Let’s talk about customization of your equipment. There is none, discussion over…. OK, let’s dig into this a little further. You are not going to be playing a round sporting your Nike hat or with your Callaway irons. I wouldn’t fault HB Studios for not whoring their game out to brand names for money, but they did put Greg Norman’s name on the course designer so they are obviously not above branding. In fact throughout your entire experience with The Golf Club your actual clubs will never change. There are no better skills to unlock, nor is there any better equipment to earn. The golfer and equipment you start with on day one is the exact same golfer and equipment you will be playing a year from now. Ummm, a year, that’s being insanely generous. One can argue making everyone play with the same universal set of stats levels the playing field of the game but the fact remains that real golf offers an insane range of real equipment all catering to different play styles. Want to provide a realistic golf experience? Then by all means don’t have a Luck skill or allow spin to be added mid-flight but at a bare minimum something as simple as choosing your driver’s loft should absolutely be in a game that promotes itself as a simulation.

This brings me to my biggest overall complaint about The Golf Game is that it appears to really only be the FRAMEWORK of a more complete and actually polished product. Like have I just paid $35 for a released Beta? This makes me question whether the lack of indicators and meters is a thought out design policy or simply something HB Studios just hasn’t gotten around to coding yet. Take the graphics that look amazing on PC but are dull and low-res on the Xbox ONE. Another thing that just didn’t get enough polish before they shipped it out the door. The commentator, John’s tone is uninspired and his casual demeanor comes off as aloof and uninterested. Like they pulled a hobo off the street to do some one-liners. And I know in sports games you are going to get repetition out of commentary but I didn’t expect it start on the second hole I played.

It’s a game with promise to be sure, but at launch I’m left frustrated that I’ve paid good money for a game that isn’t finished and that sadly the developer seems to think is finished.

1) Course creator is fun

1) Graphics are dated
2) No customization
3) Finding good courses is a chore
4) Game just overall appears not finished



Achievement Guide: Pinball FX2 Xbox ONE

With 52 achievements and 1420gs from day one Pinball FX 2 has a LOT to do on a LOT of tables. This FREE to play digital game comes with 1 table at launch, Sorcerer’s Lair, with 1000gs all to itself. Then each other table averages 1 achievement for 10gs each and costs about $2.50. It’s going to take quite some time to complete this game 100% and we’ve created a few guides to help you along the way.


Stockpiler – 25gs – You have beaten the tree being on the Sorcerer’s Lair table!

You need to shot the Forest Loop (the far outside loop) six times. This can be done starting from either side, but is far easier to use the left flipper to launch the right side loop. Once you have done it six times the tree will fall over to cover the Citadel ramp. You now need to hit the tree three times at the Citadel Ramp before time runs out to complete the mini mode, earn your achievement and also get a Obsidian Orb.

Secrets of the Lair – 100gs – You have revealed the mystic secrets on the Sorcerer’s Lair table!

This achievement is for completing the Midnight Madness mode on Sorcerer’s Lair. You first need to do (you don’t need to actually succeed at) the six main missions. You start missions by hitting the three targets behind the stairway. This will cause the stairway to rise and then you need to shoot the ball into the right side of the stairway, the Cellar starting a mission. The missions will run in random order. Once all six missions have been run you need to once again shoot the ball into the Cellar for Midnight Madness to start. The first part of Midnight Madness is a single ball mission to hit Willow. She will go up the left Ghost Ramp ramp and then jump over to the Extra Ball ramp. This is a timed mission and the ball will drain afterwards. No matter if you fail to save Willow or do save her the next part of Midnight Madness will automatically start. In this second and final part you simply need to try to score as many points as possible. This is a 3-ball multiball with unlimited ball saves. Just score as much as you can and the achievement will unlock at the end.

Tower Conqueror – 50gs – You scored a Citadel jackpot on the Sorcerer’s Lair table.

Easiest of the 3 multiball achievements by far. To start the Citadel multiball you need to hit the Citadel ramp 7 times. Each time you will get a letter and when you finish spelling CITADEL the multiball will start. This is a 2 baller and to get a jackpot you need to hit the ramp that Willow is on.

Gargoyle’s Quest – 100gs – You scored a super jackpot in the Gargoyle multiball on the Sorcerer’s Lair table.

Every time you hit the Tower Mini-Orbit in the middle of the playfield or the Left Orbit (Forrest Loop Left To Right) when the ball comes down the right side you have a short window to use the mini right flipper to hit the ball into the Gargoyle Ball Lock. You need to do this three times to start the Gargoyle Multiball. Now to unlock the Super Jackpot you need to first hit all six of the main ramps/orbits. This will light the Super Jackpot at the upper left mini flipper (Extra Ball Ramp). Hit this to unlock the achievement.

Master of the Stairs – 100gs – You completed the Stairway mode on the Sorcerer’s Lair table.

Each time you raise the stairs by hitting the three targets at the back you can shoot the ball into the left side and work on spelling STAIRWAY. You get one letter for each hit. The issue comes in that if you start a mission, you will keep your spelling progress, but the stairs will lower each time and you have to re-open the stairs by hitting the three targets. If you managed to spell STAIRWAY you then need to hit the stairs side another three times, this section being timed. FUN. Fail on that and you are starting completely over. NOTE: It is possible to instantly start Stairway mode via the random Willow gift from hitting the Willow spot four times. I have only seen it once though so don’t count on it.

Afraid of no Ghosts – 150gs – You completed the Sorcerer’s multiball on the Sorcerer’s Lair table.

This is probably the hardest of the three multiball achievements. First you need to lock three ball in the Tower Ramp. The Tower Ramp rotates between chutes so it takes three hit to lock one ball. So after nine hits you will start the three ball multiball. Your goal is to hit the Citadel Ramp, the Stairway and the Left Orbit (Forrest Orbit Left to Right). Now the fun part. You need to have maintained ALL THREE BALLS. Now send them up the Tower Ramp one at a time. Once all three balls have locked into the Tower Ramp you will have completed the Sorcerer’s multiball and gotten your achievement.

Sharpshooter – 50gs – You have swiftly defeated the spiders in the cellar on the Sorcerer’s Lair table!

The Arachnid Attack is one of the main missions. Not only do you need to hit all the spiders and exit the area successfully, but you also need to do it in 20 seconds or less.

Pathfinder – 25gs – You have completed a 6-way combo on the Sorcerer’s Lair table.

Completing a six way combo means to hit back to back to back ramps or orbits six shots in a row.

Perfectionist – 200gs – You completed the main modes in a single game on the Sorcerer’s Lair table.

You must complete all 6 modes meaning you have earned at least one obsidian from each.
Gates of the Void
Arachnid Attack
Behind The Walls
Crazy Ghosts
Creepy Cellar

Obsidian Obsession – 200gs – You collected all the obsidians on the Sorcerer’s Lair table.

Collecting all the Obsidians equals 13. There are more than 13 available. You can get 2 from each of the main table missions. The the first time you succeed and then 1 more max from a second go after finishing MAIN MISSION: Midnight Madness.
MAIN MISSION: Gates of the Void
MAIN MISSION: Arachnid Attack
MAIN MISSION: Behind The Walls
MAIN MISSION: Crazy Ghosts
MAIN MISSION: Creepy Cellar
PLAYFIELD: Stairway – See Master of the Stairs Achievement guide
PLAYFIELD: Tower Crawler Combo – Raise the stairs and then hit the Citadel Ramp, Tower Ramp, and Stairway
PLAYFIELD: Elusion Mastery – Hit the left orbit and then with the top right flipper segway to the Ghost Ramp. Do it 5 times.
PLAYFIELD: Freaky Forrest
MULTIBALL: Gargoyle – Get a super jackpot
MULTIBALL: Sorcerer’s – Lock all 3 balls in the tower ramp at the end of the multiball
MULTIBALL: Citadel – Special. Completing this multiball with a super jackpot automatically finished the current selected mission with a Obsidian Stone.


The Cosmic Cube – 10gs – You used the omnipotent Cosmic Cube to your advantage on the Captain America table.

The easiest achievement in the game. You need to light up all three targets in front of the Cosmic Cube. This will cause the Cube to rotate and present three different targets. This time you only need to hit one of the three to fully reveal the Cosmic Cube. Now send a ball into the Cube to unlock the achievement.


Ghost Sighting – 10gs – Ghost banished from the Haunted Mansion on the Paranormal table.

You need to shot the ball up the Main Ramp. Then use the top left flipper to hit the door 2 times. If I hit it once I leave the flipper up and will catch the ball for a easy second shot over 50% of the time. Once inside the door the screen will change to an alternate play area. Each of the flashing lights is a ghost. You need to hit at least one light to be able to finish the mode. If you exit via the right alien ramp you will score a million points but will NOT finish the mode properly. You need to use the left flipper to launch the ball into the second ball in the top play area. You will now be playing with this ball. You need to right flipper it to the left so it gets outside the area and then immediately right flipper it again to launch it over the house. This will start an animation and you will earn points based on the number of ghosts you caught and also more importantly gain the achievement. Whenever the ball leaves the playfield either from the alien or a drain it will come out the small mailbox by the door. You have a small window opportunity to send it back at the door right away!