Titanfall’s Frontier’s Edge Achievements Now LIVE!

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Haven Victor – 5gs – Win a match on Haven
Haven Connoissseur – 10gs – Play every game mode on Haven
Executioner – 20gs – Execute 2 titans in a single match on Haven
Overkill – 30gs – Kill 15 titans while you have a Titan Burncard active on Haven
Export Victor – 5gs – Win a match on Export
Export Connoissseur – 10gs – Play every game mode on Export
It’s a Trap! – 20gs – Kill an enemy with the trap on Export
Hidden Export – 30gs – Kill 25 enemies while cloaked on Export
Dig Site Victor – 5gs – Win a match on Dig Site
Dig Site Connoissseur – 10gs – Play every game mode on Dig Site
Dirt Nap – 20gs – Kill 12 Pilots in a single match on Dig Site
Gravesite – 35gs – Kill 50 Pilots on Dig Site

Can I say WOW. How completely and totally boring can you get. Dig Site is a 100% copy from the last set. This is just SAD. Once we get online we’ll do a few videos of the new maps and how to set off the “trap” on Export but this could easily be a 1 day completion on this DLC.

EA Access is the devil… Right?

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Yesterday afternoon EA announced a new service for the Xbox One called EA Access. This subscription service cost 5 dollars a month or 30 dollars a year. It gives the users free games, discounts on everything EA, and the ability to play games early. Instantly I was excited yet confused, happy yet cautious. There are always two crazy parts to every new video game related announcement. The rush of discovering the information while uncovering the mysteries and the hilarious yet obnoxious voices of the vocal minority of gamers.

I could hear the collective groans and ignorant complaints across the internet within seconds. Oh no, the gaming industry is nickel and diming us yet again. It costs money so it must be bad! It’s making things free so it must be bad! It gives me discounts on games and DLC so it must be bad! EA is the worst company in America! Well, not any more, after winning (or losing) two years in a row for the WCIA (Worst Company in America), Comcast dethroned EA in 2014. The comical thing about this competition is that most of the companies in the running aren’t even “bad”. They are just successful. McDonalds, Chase, Bank of America, Wal-Mart, Time Warner—one could argue that some of these companies have downsides, but you won’t hear apologies from them for thriving and making money. So is EA bad news? Are they just ripping us off? Well let’s dive into the features of the service and find out.

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