XBOX ONE – 100% Challenge – Day 10

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DAY: 10


RYSE (950/1000): Finished Legendary. Really loved this game. I think some of the random battles with different enemy types all coming at once was a LOT harder than any of the boss battles. Never failed a boss battle on Legendary. Several sections I had to do a few time of just random guys. All that is left is the grind to level 100. Hope the DLC is fun and engaging as I will have no problem coming back to this. I am level 20 online and I am shooting for 5 levels a day. That puts me complete with Ryse on 12/18. We’ll see if I make that or not.

NEED FOR SPEED: RIVALS (500/1000): I like this game. Fast paced, great graphics. The main issue is the peer servers. Some of the harder challenges can take 20+ minutes to complete and then for a host migration to just destroy all the work is a real pain. It also seems that Racers have it pretty hard. Any time I get anywhere near some good money (100,000+) I get rape swarmed by 10 AI cops driving twice as fast as me with high end tech. Gets frustrating.

POWERSTAR GOLF (635/1000): Getting gear in this game is a GRIND. You get money for getting medals in a match, but once you get it, it’s gone. One time deal. The base money for finishing a challenge is around 800. It takes 60,000 to get the good pack of gear (Extreme) and half of what you get is WORTHLESS. Leveling keeps on going after 50 (The last event and achievement that is level based) but has NO reward. Why not 500 or 1000 credits for these levels? It’s a fun challenging game but it already feels like I spend a day now to get almost no where.

FORZA 5 (105/1000): Realistic racing is just not my thing. This is a real grind for me. Play against easy AI to just get races done. It looks great but for me, it’s pretty boring.

Dead Rising 3 & SWAP Force. Both look enjoyable. I’ll probably start DR3 once I get Ryse done.