Xbox ONE – Dead Rising 3

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Planner – 15gs – Collect 5 blueprints.
Journeyman – 20gs – Collect 25 blueprints.
Engineer – 25gs – Collect 50 blueprints.
Master Builder – 30gs – Collect 100 blueprints.


Zombie Killer – 5gs – Kill 100 zombies.
Zombie Butcher – 10gs – Kill 1,000 zombies.
Zombie Slayer – 15gs – Kill 10,000 zombies.
Master of Massacre – 20gs – Kill 53,597 zombies.
Genius of Zombie Slaying – 25gs – Kill 72,000 zombies.
Left 100,004 Dead – 30gs – Kill 100,004 zombies.


Collector – 5gs – Pick up 250 different weapons.
T.I.O.D. Disciple – 5gs – Create 50 combo weapons.
Duct Tape Master – 20gs – Create every combo weapon.
Driven – 5gs – Drive 20 different vehicles.
Customizer – 5gs – Create 5 combo vehicles.
Master Mechanic – 10gs – Create every combo vehicle.
Fashion Plate – 5gs – Collect 100 different clothing items.


Local Hero – 5gs – Save 1 survivor.
Man of the People – 10gs – Save 15 stranded survivors.
Help Wanted – 10gs – Add 5 survivors the survivor bulletin board.
Gang Banger – 5gs – Lead a full posse of 5 survivors.


Be a Dick! – 5gs – Join a Co-op game.
Sideswiped – 10gs – Complete 20 side missions.
Starter – 10gs – Complete Chapter 0.
Quarantined – 10gs – Complete Chapter 1.
Morgue-ified – 10gs – Complete Chapter 2.
Family Man – 20gs – Complete Chapter 3.
Happy Camper – 20gs – Complete Chapter 4.
Day at the Museum – 20gs – Complete Chapter 5.
The Doctor is Out – 30gs – Complete Chapter 6.
Them’s the Facts – 30gs – Complete the Facts.
Complete the Package – 50gs – Complete Overtime.
Nightmare Master – 75gs – Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.
Wrathful – 25gs – Defeat Zhi.
Lusty – 25gs – Defeat Dylan.
Greedy – 25gs – Defeat Albert.
Slothful – 25gs – Defeat Theodore.
Prideful – 25gs – Defeat Jherii.
Gluttonous – 25gs – Defeat Darlene.
Envious – 25gs – Defeat the envious survivor.


Apprentice – 5gs – Reach level 5.
Expert – 15gs – Reach level 25.
Maxed! – 50gs – Reach level 50.
Specialist – 50gs – Max out a single attribute.
A Little Ambition – 5gs – Purchase 1 Attribute.
Ladder Climber – 10gs – Purchase 10 Attributes.


Prestigious – 10gs – Complete 10 PP Trials.
Almost Famous – 25gs – Complete 25 PP Trials.
Prestige Hound – 50gs – Complete all PP Trials.


Certified Survivalist – 5gs – Win 25 Survival Training Bronze medals.
Survival Training Silver – 10gs – Win 25 Survival Training Silver medals.
Survival Training Master – 20gs – Win Survival Training Gold medals.

Xbox ONE – Forza Motorsports 5

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This list was pulled by a subscriber from a demo unit so I don’t know if it’s 100% going to match release but this will give you something to look at until launch in under 7 days!


I Was There – Drive 100 miles between the launch of Forza Motorsports 5 and 12/31/13


My Kind of Car – 5g – Reach Affinity level 1 with any Car Manufacturer
Brand Loyal – 10g – Reach Affinity level 25 with any Car Manufacturer
Diehard – 15g – Reach Affinity level 25 with any 2 Car Manufacturers
Fanatic – 20g – Reach Affinity level 25 with 4 Car Manufacturers
Factory Legend – 25g – Reach Affinity level 25 with 8 Car Manufacturers
Start Your Engine – 5g – Reach Driver Level 1
Up and Comer – 10g – Reach Driver Level 3
Semi-Pro – 10g – Reach Driver Level 5
Forza Lifestyle – 15g – Reach Driver Level 10
Committed – 10g – Reach Driver Level 20
Professional – 20g – Reach Driver Level 30
Veteran – 20g – Reach Driver Level 40
Forza Fifty – 25g – Reach Driver Level 50
Centurion – 25g – Reach Driver Level 100
Hall of Famer – 25g – Reach Driver Level 150
First Five – 5g – Earn 5 medals in Multiplayer races
Pedal to the Medal – 10g – Earn 10 medals in Multiplayer races
Trading Paint – 10g – Earn 20 medals in Multiplayer races
Rubbing is Racing – 15g – Earn 30 medals in Multiplayer races
The Big 5-0 – 20g – Earn 50 medals in Multiplayer races
Medal Hard – 20g – Earn 70 medals in Multiplayer races
Precious Medals – 20g – Earn 90 medals in Multiplayer races
Born Competitor – 25g – Earn 110 medals in Multiplayer races
Heavy Medal – 25g – Earn 200 medals in Multiplayer races
Full Medal Jacket – 25g – Earn 325 medals in Multiplayer races
Gold Medalist – 5g – Earn 5 gold medals in Career races
Gold Fever – 10g – Earn 10 gold medals in Career races
Gold Digger – 10g – Earn 20 gold medals in Career races
Gold Rush – 15g – Earn 30 gold medals in Career races
Golden – 20g – Earn 50 gold medals in Career races
Pure Gold – 20g – Earn 70 gold medals in Career races
Golden Century – 20g – Earn 100 gold medals in Career races
Pot of Gold – 25g – Earn 150 gold medals in Career races
Gold Bars – 25g – Earn 300 gold medals in Career races
Golden Standard – 25g – Earn 400 gold medals in Career races
Welcome to Forza Motorsport – 5g – Complete the very first race
Patron of the Arts – xx – Like a Livery, Tune Setup, or Vinyl Group
Good Citizen – xx – Share a paint job, car tune, or vinyl group with public
Down to the Wire – xx – Pass for the lead and win on the last lap of a Multiplayer circuit race
Follow Me – 5g – Lead for a total of 50 miles in Multiplayer races
Born Leader – 10g – Lead for a total of 100 miles in Multiplayer races
Eat My Dust – 15g – Lead for a total of 350 miles in Multiplayer races
Pace Setter – 20g – Lead for a total of 500 miles in Multiplayer races
Lead Dog – 25g – Lead for a total of 1000 miles in Multiplayer races
Painting by Numbers – 10g – Earn 1,000 credits from the community using your paint jobs
Museum Quality – 15g – Earn 10,000 credits from the community using your paint jobs
Color of Money – 20g – Earn 100,000 credits from the community using your paint jobs
New Wallpaper – 10g – Get 20 downloads across all of your shared photos
Gone Viral – 20g – Get 100 downloads across all of your shared photos
Slipstreamer – 20g – Earn 20 perfect Drafting scores
Movin’ On Up – 20g – Earn 125 perfect Pass scores
Apex Ace – 20g – Earn 300 perfect Turn scores
Sidewinder – 20g – Earn 20 perfect Drift scores
Series Sweep – 5g – Complete every Championship Series in 1 League
Major League – 10g – Complete every Championship Series in 2 Leagues
League Leader – 15g – Complete every Championship Series in 3 Leagues
League King – 20g – Complete every Championship Series in 5 Leagues
Championship Legend – 25g – Complete every Championship Series in 8 Leagues
Pro Tuner – 10g – Earn 1,000 credits from the community using your tune setups
Master Tuner – 20g – Earn 10,000 credits from the community using your tune setups
Rarified Air – 25g – Complete the Spring Break, Red and Bleu!, and Snake Bit achievements
Spring Break – xx – Drive a 1962 Ferrari GTO in Sebring Full Circuit
Red and Bleu! – xx – Drive a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rosa on Le Mans Old Mulsanne Circuit
Snake Bit – xx – Beat a Ferrari in a 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Forza Tripe Crown – xx – Complete the Le Mans Gold, Grand Prix Gold, and Indy Gold achievements
Le Mans Gold – xx – Earn a gold medal in a Prototype1 race car on Le Mans Full Circuit
Grand Prix Gold – xx – Earn a gold medal in a modern Grand Prix Car on Yas Marina Full Curcuit
Indy Gold – xx – Earn a gold medal in a modern Indy Car on Indianapolis Brickyard Speedway
What a Rush – xx – Earn a gold medal in the 1976 Ferrari #1 Scuderia and the 1976 McLaren #11 M23
Not Just for Show – xx – Race 10 of your personal Ferraris
Silver and Gold – xx – Earn gold at Silverstone Grand Prix in a 2013 McClaren P1 and 2010 Aston Martin One-77
Start to Finish – xx – Finish a race in 4 different Multiplayer hopper categories
Some say… – xx – Beat Stig’s Digital Cousin on the Top Gear Test Track
Struck Gold – xx – Earn points for every gold pin in a Career Bowling event
Photo Finisher – xx – Win a Multiplayer circuit by less than 1 second
Head over Heels – xx – Flip your car
Long Jumper – xx – Travel 15 feel in the air in a single jump
Drifting Away – xx – Reach 250 feet in a single drift
Caboose – xx – Finish last in a Multiplayer race
Artisan Tuner – 20g – Earn 100000 credits from the community using your tune setups.

Xbox ONE – Halo: Spartan Assault

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Flooded – 60gs – Complete all co-op missions
Overachiever – 100gs – Earn all co-op medals at least once
Dynamic Duo – 60gs – Earn all Gold stars in all co-op missions
Extermination – 60gs – Kill 10,000 enemies in co-op
The Company of Strangers – 20gs – Complete a co-op mission with at least 5 different players
Overrun – 20gs – Complete Operation A
Switched On – 20gs – Complete Operation B
Switched Off – 20gs – Complete Operation C
Evacuated – 20gs – Complete Operation D
Terminated – 20gs – Complete Operation E
Escort Service – 10gs – Keep all Wolverines intact in Operation A, Mission 3
Nowhere to Hide – 20gs – Prevent all Jackals from regenerating their shield in Operation B, Mission 3
Never Knew What Hit Them – 20gs – Kill a convoy target with every stationary gun in Operation C, Mission 3
Brute Force – 20gs – Finish the objectives using only the Brute Shot, melee and grenades in Operation D, Mission 1
Foot Soldier – 20gs – Finish the objective without using any vehicles/turrets in Operation E, Mission 4
Recruit – 10gs – Earn a star of any type in an operation mission
Prodigy – 10gs – Earn your first Gold star in an operation mission
117 – 40gs – Earn all Gold stars in all operation missions
Distinguished Service – 30gs – Earn all medals in the game at least once
Weapon of Choice – 10gs – Score a kill with every handheld weapon (excluding Rocket Launcher and Spartan Laser)
Powered by MJOLNIR – 20gs – Use every ability at least once (excluding Overshield and Seeker Drone)
Skull Combo – 20gs – Complete any mission with the maximum number of Skulls active
Vidmaster Challenge – 30gs – Complete Operation 5, Mission 1 with the Hollow and Black Eye Skulls active
Extra Credit – 20gs – Complete 75 challenges
Pension Plan – 20gs – Earn 25000 Spartan Points throughout your career
Archeology – 20gs – Complete Operation F
Silvertip – 20gs – Destroy all Mega Turrets with the Grizzly tank in Operation F, Mission 2
Vidmaster Challenge 2.0 – 30gs – Complete Operation F, Mission 4 with the Blind and Thunderstorm Skulls active
The Enemy of my Friend – 100gs – Get a higher individual score than your partner on all co-op missions
Immune – 100gs – Finish a co-op mission without becoming infected

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Patches / Challenges / Operations Guide

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UPDATE: 11/11/13
The latest patch has made a few major changes to the challenge system.
1) Your progress for ALL challenges is saved. You no longer lose progress when picking new operations.
2) If you complete 1 part of a multipart operation, upon completion you will immediately be given the next in the series.
3) If a challenge is NOT active you can NOT see what the requirement are. This one sucks. No more looking for a cool patch and then see what you need to complete it. Only if a operation is live can you see the requirements.

Some people are reporting that they can NOT even get into operations after the patch so be careful. Mine isn’t having any problems but a friend of mine it starts a match instead of going into the operations menu.

So the patches / challenges / operations for Call of Duty Ghosts are more than a little messed up. With ZERO help from the “manual” figuring out what is what and how to do a challenge was a major pain.

First off you can NOT just work towards any patch you want. The only challenges / patches that are active are the ones listed under Operations. There are 5 categories and 10 random challenges per category. These are the only things that are actually being counted.

So how do you work towards something else? You need to pay 1 Squad Point to get a new set of 50 challenges and this RESETS all the progress of non-completed ones that you are currently working on. So you are 215/250 from Red Dot II, all lost. EXCEPT that the 5 challenges on the front page, the ones with the Gold bar on the right side, these stay with you and they keep your progress. You can set which ones you want to keep by going into the individual categories and hitting X to make one active. Make sure to change all of them to things you haven’t finished before resetting or you’ve just hosed yourself with a useless challenge.

There is no way to guarantee any specific challenge will appear and if something is a single track challenge, like Hardcore Team MVP you can get it multiple times. Obviously if you already own the Patch or any other character customization you’ve already acquired you can get the XP and Squad Points again. It appears that anything in stages you will always get the next stage. I.E. you complete Red Dot I, when you get a Red Dot operation again it will be Red Dot II and so on.

This includes outfits like the Ghille Suite. You will need to get Variable Zoom I and complete it, then refresh challenges until you get Variable Zoom II and complete that. Same for any heads or outfits. These are linked to Patches and so you need the Patch to be active.

The one question mark is Clan Wars. It’s only live until the 25th but I think all of those items are going to checked separately.

Sights and weapon camo are separate and those are tracked directly on your loadout screen and are active the second you buy them and start using them.

Hope this info clears up the new challenges system in Call of Duty Ghosts.

Here is a video of me getting the 8-Bit Ghost Classified Patch. Tells you all the steps required:

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Extinction Guide

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This covers all the information we have found for the new Extinction mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts. To unlock Extinction you need to complete ONE campaign mission. Then it will be available on the main menu.

Extinction is the new Zombies. It’s quite a bit more forgiving damage wise and you have a health and armor bar that is visible. You’re goal is to clear a area of alien hives using a drill. Once you place it you need to protect the drill from alien damage. Each Hive has a random challenge (like only melee) that gives you skill points you can use the upgrade your character in 5 different areas. These upgrades are for this play session and reset each time. There is experience and this unlocks new abilities and different weapons.

There are no doors to buy but there are still weapons to purchase throughout the area. There are also free ammo and attachment caches to find, traps, both electric and fire to utilize, along with turrets and the like.

When you have cleared all the hives of the area you need to protect a helicopter that comes in and destroys the link to the next area. The game plays out area after area and once you get to the end you need to fight your way back to the beginning to exfil and complete the game.

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