Simpsons Tapped Out: Halloween 2013 Event

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The 2013 Halloween event is HERE! You first have a app update (For Android it was 35.88 MB) followed by the in-game update.
The Event ends on November 7, 2013.
This event also adds more land for Springfield!

First thing to note is a detail from the What’s New on the App Store. It says, “Plus, don’t miss Treehouse of Horror XXIV in FOX, Sunday October 6th, for your chance to unlock a unique outfit for Homer.”

Halloween 2013 Log In Screen

Halloween 2013 Log In Screen

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Simpsons Tapped Out: Season 25 Tie-In

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LIMITED TIME EVENT9/26/13 to 10/1/13

This series ties into the Season 25 Premiere of the Simpsons. My guess is that it will end before the scheduled Halloween event on 10/1 but there is no official word yet. It’s a short quest line so no worries on finishing it in time.

Lisa: Wow, Dad. What are you doing up so early?
Homer: Getting ready for work.
Lisa: But you rarely ever go to work. At least not on time. Or with — what’s that thing on your face — a smile?
Homer: Yep. I’m smiling because for two glorious days and one even more glorious night, work isn’t actually going to work. It’s going to be a convention!
Lisa: What’s so great about that? What happens at a convention?
Homer: Uh… nothing. Just work. It’s really boring.
Homer: Now where’s that inflatable gorilla wearing women’s underwear that I ordered?

Conventional Wisdom Pt. 1
Make Homer Wait for the Mailman – 12h, 420c, 100xp


Lisa: The convention’s in a couple days, Dad. Shouldn’t you be packing?
Homer: Good idea. I’ll start with my convention supplies. Ball-point pens, notepads, business cards…
Lisa: Okay, Dad. I’ll leave you to it.
Homer: Great. See you later, sweetie!
Homer: Now to dump this crap and put in my real conventions supplies. Champagne, animal tranquilizers, superhero costume…

Conventional Wisdom Pt. 2
Make Homer Pack for the Convention – 4h, 175c, 45xp


Homer: Well, I’m all packed up.
Lisa: Four bags?! You’re only away from a night. How much clothing do you need?
Homer: Oh, right … clothing. I should pack some of that as well.

Conventional Wisdom Pt. 3
Make Homer Re-Pack for the Convention – 4h, 175c, 45xp

Homer: Woo-hoo! This is going to be the greatest weekend ever! I’m going to feel like crap on Sunday!

And you will to, if you miss The Simpson’s 25th Season Premiere. This Sunday at 8/7c on FOX.

And to celebrate the premiere, a FREE decoration for your Squidport has been placed in your inventory!

Hi-Glow Waste Barrels
40 donuts, 2.00% Bonus, 3×3 size
Squidport Item
Three-Eyed Sushi
Improves your Gluttony
FREE, 4×4 size

Simpsons Tapped Out: Pre-Halloween, Pre-Season Premiere

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Quick update to get ready for the Halloween event and the new Season Tie-In. 9/23/13.

Homer: Oh no! It’s almost the start of October… which due to the scheduling of baseball games on FOX, is when Halloween comes to Springfield!

Lisa: *sigh* I wish we could have it at the end of the month like normal people.

Homer: I just want it to be over. It’s always so scary, with the aliens and movie parodies and main characters dying. All the rules are off!

Lisa: That’s because it’s non-canonical, Dad. Dying doesn’t count.

Homer: I know, but it still hurts. And this year I want to be prepared. Can you find out what’s going to be happening here this year?

Lisa: Hmm, maybe. Let me check online.

Feeding the Trolls
Make Lisa Read the Tapped Out Forums – 4h, 175c, 45xp

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Grand Theft Auto V – Random Encounter Guide

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So there are a total of 57 “random” encounters in GTA V of which you need to complete any 14 for the 100% completion. These are actually not random at all. They all have set locations and set characters to activate. This page will serve as a guide as to where these encounters spawn on the map and the potential profit rewards for doing them.

ATM Robbery – Michael – +500 Keep, +50 Return
Mugging 3 – Franklin – +2000 Keep, +200 Return

Grand Theft Auto V – Collectibles (Far Out / Spaceship Parts)

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There are a total of 50 Spaceship parts to find in Grand Theft Auto V. This mission is started by Franklin in the Strangers & Freaks mission Far Out. You can get this by playing as Franklin after everyone is back from the first main heist. (Trying to stay spoiler free here). The missions starts in the upper section of GTA V’s map.

CURRENTLY FOUND: 50/50 – All Found, All Recorded!

Far Out Mission Starting Location

Far Out Mission Starting Location

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Grand Theft Auto V – Achievement / Trophy Guide

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We will be adding to this as we learn more about the game.

Pimp My Sidearm – 10gs – Fully mod a weapon.
You can do this at any Ammu-Nation store. There are at least 9 of these on the map and they show up as guns. The cheapest upgrade is the Pistol at a total of $2,781. You need to buy 4 upgrades. Extended Clip ($387), Flashlight ($472), Suppressor ($1,822), and one of the tints. Army tint is cheapest at $100.

Out of Your Depth – 5gs – You’re gonna need a bigger boat…
This achievement / trophy is for getting eaten by a shark. Easiest way is to head to the pier and take a boat or jet ski out into the ocean. The sharks will show up on your radar as a red dot since they are hostile. When close to one, simply dive into the water and let that shark take a nice big bite out of your body. Getting a knife before hand is helpful as you need to provoke the shark into attacking you. Unlocked.

Kifflom! – 30gs – Complete your path to enlightenment… or not.
This is a cool series of Stranger & Freaks missions for Michael. Check out our video for a complete walkthrough of this quest line.

Career Criminal – 100gs – Attain 100% Game Completion.
69 missions, 42 (of 59) hobbies and pastimes, 20 (of 58) strangers and freaks, 14 (of 58) random events, & 16 miscellaneous. You can got to to track your progress. For the 100% you only need to complete the ones with the bar on the side of the pic.

From Beyond the Stars – 15gs – Collect and return all spaceship parts.
There are 50 of these Spaceship Parts. They do not spawn on the map until you get the “Far Out” Strangers & Freaks mission for Franklin. Any character can pick them up once the mission has activated. We have a full completed video guide right HERE.

A Mystery, Solved – 15gs – Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson.
There are 50 Letter Scraps. These are ready to go right when you start the game. After getting all 50 Franklin will get a Stranger & Freaks mission to complete. We have a full video guide HERE.

The ability to buy property is unlocked after a few missions and then more and more properties will be available to you as the game progresses. To buy something simply head to it’s location and there will be a large for sale billboard. Walk up to that and it will tell you the price and potential earnings for the property.

TP Industries Arms Race – 10gs – Purchase McKenzie Field Hangar and win the arms race.
McKenzie Field Hanger is one of the first, if not the first, property you can buy as Trevor.

All’s Fare in Love and War – 10gs – Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.
Downtown Cab Co is a Franklin property and costs $200,000. Once purchased you will receive phone calls on your cell phone to pick up private fares. Complete one of these for the achievement / trophy.

Waste Management – 15gs – Purchase the old dock and collect all nuclear waste.
There are 30 barrels of nuclear waste you need to clean up.

Welcome to Los Santos – 10gs – You repo’d a car and raced it through the heart of a sun-soaked metropolis.
This is the opening achievement for finishing the very first section.

Diamond Hard – 20gs – You cleaned out Vangelico to pay back Martin Madrazo.
A Friendship Resurrected – 10gs – With friends like this who needs enemies?

Grand Theft Auto V – Gold Mission Guides

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Each mission in the game has various requirements for getting 100% completion and they don’t tell you what these requirements are until after you’ve finished them for the first time. Luckily we will show you the requirements here to help you out since we are nice like that. Note that restarting a checkpoint via dying or failed objective will typically void any accuracy percentage or time limit goals. You will end up with a CHECKPOINT for time and will have to restart the entire mission for the Gold.

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