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Titanfall’s Frontier’s Edge Achievements Now LIVE!

Haven Victor – 5gs – Win a match on Haven
Haven Connoissseur – 10gs – Play every game mode on Haven
Executioner – 20gs – Execute 2 titans in a single match on Haven
Overkill – 30gs – Kill 15 titans while you have a Titan Burncard active on Haven
Export Victor – 5gs – Win a match on Export
Export Connoissseur – 10gs – Play every game mode on Export
It’s a Trap! – 20gs – Kill an enemy with the trap on Export
Hidden Export – 30gs – Kill 25 enemies while cloaked on Export
Dig Site Victor – 5gs – Win a match on Dig Site
Dig Site Connoissseur – 10gs – Play every game mode on Dig Site
Dirt Nap – 20gs – Kill 12 Pilots in a single match on Dig Site
Gravesite – 35gs – Kill 50 Pilots on Dig Site

Can I say WOW. How completely and totally boring can you get. Dig Site is a 100% copy from the last set. This is just SAD. Once we get online we’ll do a few videos of the new maps and how to set off the “trap” on Export but this could easily be a 1 day completion on this DLC.


EA Access is the devil… Right?


Yesterday afternoon EA announced a new service for the Xbox One called EA Access. This subscription service cost 5 dollars a month or 30 dollars a year. It gives the users free games, discounts on everything EA, and the ability to play games early. Instantly I was excited yet confused, happy yet cautious. There are always two crazy parts to every new video game related announcement. The rush of discovering the information while uncovering the mysteries and the hilarious yet obnoxious voices of the vocal minority of gamers.

I could hear the collective groans and ignorant complaints across the internet within seconds. Oh no, the gaming industry is nickel and diming us yet again. It costs money so it must be bad! It’s making things free so it must be bad! It gives me discounts on games and DLC so it must be bad! EA is the worst company in America! Well, not any more, after winning (or losing) two years in a row for the WCIA (Worst Company in America), Comcast dethroned EA in 2014. The comical thing about this competition is that most of the companies in the running aren’t even “bad”. They are just successful. McDonalds, Chase, Bank of America, Wal-Mart, Time Warner—one could argue that some of these companies have downsides, but you won’t hear apologies from them for thriving and making money. So is EA bad news? Are they just ripping us off? Well let’s dive into the features of the service and find out.

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XBOX ONE – 100% Challenge – Day 10


DAY: 10


RYSE (950/1000): Finished Legendary. Really loved this game. I think some of the random battles with different enemy types all coming at once was a LOT harder than any of the boss battles. Never failed a boss battle on Legendary. Several sections I had to do a few time of just random guys. All that is left is the grind to level 100. Hope the DLC is fun and engaging as I will have no problem coming back to this. I am level 20 online and I am shooting for 5 levels a day. That puts me complete with Ryse on 12/18. We’ll see if I make that or not.

NEED FOR SPEED: RIVALS (500/1000): I like this game. Fast paced, great graphics. The main issue is the peer servers. Some of the harder challenges can take 20+ minutes to complete and then for a host migration to just destroy all the work is a real pain. It also seems that Racers have it pretty hard. Any time I get anywhere near some good money (100,000+) I get rape swarmed by 10 AI cops driving twice as fast as me with high end tech. Gets frustrating.

POWERSTAR GOLF (635/1000): Getting gear in this game is a GRIND. You get money for getting medals in a match, but once you get it, it’s gone. One time deal. The base money for finishing a challenge is around 800. It takes 60,000 to get the good pack of gear (Extreme) and half of what you get is WORTHLESS. Leveling keeps on going after 50 (The last event and achievement that is level based) but has NO reward. Why not 500 or 1000 credits for these levels? It’s a fun challenging game but it already feels like I spend a day now to get almost no where.

FORZA 5 (105/1000): Realistic racing is just not my thing. This is a real grind for me. Play against easy AI to just get races done. It looks great but for me, it’s pretty boring.

Dead Rising 3 & SWAP Force. Both look enjoyable. I’ll probably start DR3 once I get Ryse done.


XBOX ONE – 100% Challenge – Day 2


DAY: 2


So much that is good and so much that is total crap.

+ The Snap function and being able to go to guide while a game is active.

- The fact that two games (Ghosts and Ryse) glitched me after coming back from Guide and I had ZERO button control of the game.

+ Code redemption via the Kinect. I HATED Kinect on 360, but it is AMAZING on One.

+ Kinect. Kinect Rivals Preseason is just fun and it works. All of my issues were from me not knowing the actual commands they wanted me to do.

- Audio. The Headset is TRASH. Anyone who likes it doesn’t know what a real headset is. Why was this launched without chat from the millions of dollars of headsets people have?? The worst planning ever.

+/- Achievements. Like the new unlock look. Hate the 3 minutes it seems to take to get to them. The new large tiles look beautiful but a simple list would be nice to just see what I have and don’t have. Also nothing on xbox.com so far. Another thing that wasn’t really ready to for launch.


GHOSTS: Looks a lot better. Seems a little laggy. Less that 25,000 players. Not much to say, it’s the same as on 360.

POWERSHOT GOLF: Love this. Would be a perfect 10 except for no online multiplayer. Putting is taking a LOT of getting used to and the randomness of obtaining equipment can be disappointing.

RYSE: Played some online. Is there a way to make sure you do executions or is it random? Also this might be the slowest leveling game in the history of the universe. Played three entire matches and still haven’t gotten to even level 1. Looks great. The backgrounds and vistas appear to have been given a higher graphical importance than the millions of enemies you attack.

KILLER INSTINCT: Haven’t gotten my code from MS and you can’t unlock achievements unless you pay for or get at least one character so this is on hold until I get my code.


Xbox ONE – Ryse


Head Executioner – 10gs – Perform 100 Executions in Any Game Mode
I Will Avenge You, Father – 30gs – Complete S.P.Q.R. On Any Difficulty
Roman Tourist – 10gs – Collect Your First Vista
Letters From The Front – 10gs – Collect One Scroll
Comboing My Way Through – 20gs – Defeat 10 Enemies In A Row Without Sustaining Any Damage
I Have A Story To Tell – 30gs – Complete The Beginning On Any Difficulty
Time To Fly – 5gs – Perform Your First Environmental Execution
Give Caeser What Is His – 10gs – Purchase And Use An Upgrade In Combat
First Blood – 5gs – Perform Your First Combat Execution
Double-Down – 10gs – Perform 50 Double Executions in Any Game Mode
Photo Album – 15gs – Collect All The Vistas
Ancient Scholar – 15gs – Collect All The Scrolls
Colosseum Recruit – 20gs – Complete Your First Multiplayer Campaign
Saving Private Marius – 30gs – Complete Trial By Fire On Any Difficulty
Trouble In Sherwood Forest – 30gs – Complete The King On Any Difficulty
Heart of Darkness – 30gs – Complete Edge Of The World On Any Difficulty
Siege Me If You Can – 30gs – Complete Pax Romanum On Any Difficulty
Ave, Caesar – 30gs – Complete The Wrath Of Nemesis On Any Difficulty
Settling Old Debts – 30gs – Complete The Son Of Rome On Any Difficulty
Veni, Vidi, Vici – 30gs – Complete The Game on Any Difficulty
Something I Found On The Way To The Forum – 10gs – Collect One Chronicle
Finders Keepers – 15gs – Collect All The Chronicles
I Have A Story To Tell (Legendary) – 5gs – Complete The Beginning On Legendary Difficulty
Ave, Caesar (Legendary) – 5gs – Complete The Wrath of Nemesis On Legendary Difficulty
Grace Of The Gods – 10gs – Unlock The First Reward Of The Gods
Champion Of The Gods – 20gs – Unlock All The Rewards Of The Gods
Colosseum Warrior – 20gs – Fight On Each Multiplayer Arena Environment
Been There, Done That – 5gs – Replay Any Single Player Level
Avid Reader – 10gs – Complete A Comic Book By Collecting 6 Chronicles In A Level
Only The Finest – 5gs – Equip Your First Rare Item in Multiplayer
Son Of Vulcan – 10gs – Equip Your First Tier 5 Item In Multiplayer
It’s Just A Flesh Wound – 10gs – Revive Another Player 3 Times
Marketer – 20gs – Get In Combat With All Executions And Upgrades Purchased
I Will Avenge You, Father (Legendary) – 5gs – Complete S.P.Q.R. On Legendary Difficulty
Saving Private Marius (Legendary) – 5gs – Complete Trial By Fire On Legendary Difficulty
Trouble In Sherwood Forest (Legendary) – 5gs – Complete The King On Legendary Difficulty
Heart of Darkness (Legendary) – 5gs – Complete Edge Of The World Legendary Any Difficulty
Siege Me If You Can (Legendary) – 5gs – Complete Pax Romanum On Legendary Difficulty
Settling Old Debts (Legendary) – 5gs – Complete The Son Of Rome On Legendary Difficulty
Bad To The Bone – 30gs – Complete The Game On Centurion Difficulty
My Empire Of Dirt – 50gs – Complete The Game On Soldier Difficulty
Colosseum Veteran – 20gs – Complete 20 Multiplayer Campaigns
Simply The Best – 20gs – Achieve Rank 100 in Multiplayer
Say Hello To My Little Friend! – 5gs – Equip Your First Tier 2 Item in Multiplayer
Brother In Arms – 10gs – Perform A Co-op Execution
Bloody Centurion – 15gs – Defeat 100 Enemies in Multiplayer
Monstrum Combo – 20gs – Defeat 25 Enemies In A Row Without Sustaining Damage
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.
Secret achievement – N/A gs – This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it.


Xbox ONE – Xbox Fitness


Ooh, Shiny! – 25gs – Earn your first workout star.
Challenging – 25gs – Complete your first session challenge.
Better than the Rest – 25gs – Win a drill challenge against the community.
Flamingo! – 30gs – Balance for a whole minute!
Friendly Competition – 50gs – Win 10 drill challenges against friends.
Beginner – 25gs – Earn 25 workout stars.
Intermediate – 50gs – Earn 50 workout stars.
Rewarding – 30gs – Complete your first Stamp Card.
Perfection Perfected – 75gs – Complete 10 sessions with a 5-star rating.
Almost Perfect – 30gs – Get 5 stars in 3/4 of drills in a single session.
Home Fitness Improvements – 25gs – Beat your session best.
Furious Fists – 30gs – Throw 1,000 punches.
30 Seconds of Fun – 50gs – Complete 1,000 drills.
A Cool Mil. – 50gs – Score 1,000,000 Fitness Points total.
Advanced – 100gs – Earn 100 workout stars.
Aced! – 50gs – Complete all session challenges for one workout.
Enthusiast – 100gs – Reach the Tenth Stamp Card.
Fit-Ness Monster – 100gs – Complete your 50th Stamp Card.
That was my Everest – 75gs – Jump, climb and squat to the height of Mt. Everest (8,848m).
Five Star Session – 25gs – Get your first 5 star session rating.
Unstoppable – 30gs – Win 5 drill challenges in one session.


XBOX ONE – 100% Challenge – Day Negative 3


DAY: -3


Launch is almost upon us. Picked up a controller at Wal-Mart and I like the new design. The biggest thing for me is the removal of the battery pack. It’s now enclosed in the controller so the back is flat which is really nice holding wise.

Games I will have at launch:
Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct (From MS)
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Xbox Fitness

Did the whole upgrade thing at GameStop and they just told me I wouldn’t get the coupon for 7 to 15 business days. From today. So they fucked me there. To be honest I have all but given up on GameStop. If I don’t have the upgrade coupon by launch I am done with GameStop. Best Buy is just so much easier or just overnight from Amazon with Prime. Their “exclusives” for pre-orders have been a complete joke lately.

EDIT: 11/20 – Despite a GameStop PowerUp Rep telling me I didn’t qualify because I pre-ordered BEFORE the next gen upgrade offer starting (despite the rules only saying buy it near launch) I got the coupon for the $50 guaranteed trade in for Ghosts so Ghosts is back on the list.

I was all pumped for Powerstar Golf until I just learned there is NO online multiplayer. You just play a ghost of your friend. Changed it from a definite to a demo.

So I was one of the lucky people to get Killer Instinct with all characters from MS. My issue now is I see Killer Instinct Classic is a completely separate game with a 1000 gs of it’s own. Does this mean I need to buy the Pass at $20 just to get Classic? That would suck if it’s the case. Will have to wait for launch to see.


Xbox ONE – Killer Instinct Classic


My First Ultra – 20gs – Perform an ultra
Mildly Embarassing – 20gs – Perform a humiliation
Support Your Local Arcade – 40gs – Spend 400 credits
All Hail the Chief! – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with Chief Thunder
Blaze of Glory – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with Cinder
Termination – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with Fulgore
Frostburn – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with Glacius
Tiger’s Fury – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with Jago
Deadly Grace – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with Orchid
Jurassic Bite – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with Riptor
Feral Strength – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with Sabrewulf
Ancient Power – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with Spinal
Rapid Jabs – 20gs – Win 40 Matches with TJ Combo
Monster Mash – 20gs – Get a Perfect in Arcade with Spinal, Riptor and Sabrewulf
Sammamish – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with Chief Thunder
Inferno – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with Cinder
Laser Storm – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with Fulgore
Cold Shoulder – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with Glacius
Endokuken – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with Jago
Lasaken – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with Orchid
Rampage – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with Riptor
Howl – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with Sabrewulf
Power Devour – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with Spinal
Rollercoaster – 40gs – Defeat Eyedol with TJ Combo
Ultratech Employee of the Month – 80gs – Defeat Eyedol with all the characters
Thrifty – 80gs – Defeat Eyedol using only one credit
Shameless – 40gs – Humiliate every character in the game
Around the World – 40gs – Perform an ultra with every character in the game
Film Critic – 40gs – See all Victory Animations and Endings
World Tour – 20gs – Win a match in every arena


Xbox ONE – Lococycle


The Nicaraguan Getaway – 50gs – Get out of Nicaragua.
Adios, Mexico – 75gs – Confront your mortal enemy.
Conquered Canyons – 75gs – Put Nevada in your rear-view mirror.
The Retirees Are Safe – 75gs – Take out a helicopter with an unusual pilot.
No More Snow Patrol – 75gs – Bring down a giant mech in ski country.
Scottsburg Defender – 75gs – Learn about the real Holt Ryebach.
Free To Do What We Wanna Do – 145gs – Save Janesville from mass destruction.
Back In Yo Face – 25gs – Find the way of the counter.
Tables Have Turned – 50gs – Master the way of the counter and do it many times.
Streaky Goodness – 25gs – String together a monster combo streak.
Champion Streaker – 60gs – Reach an insanely high combo streak.
Why So Hostile? – 25gs – Get a bunch of innocents off the road and out of the way.
Rubbin’, Son, Is Racin’ – 15gs – Find that guns aren’t the only way to wreck a car.
Car Go ‘Splode, Just In Time – 40gs – Keep the guns going while a man attacks you from above.
Big Oil Never Had a Chance – 25gs – Waste no time ‘sploding the black gold hauler.
Pablo Thanks You – 60gs – Help I.R.I.S. and Pablo make it without a scratch.
All Tricked Out – 40gs – Turn I.R.I.S. into the ultimate weapon of destruction.
Big Movie Watchings – 25gs – Learn about all the secrets of Hollywood.
All Game Secrets Revealed – 25gs – See how things are made.
Behind the Scenes Bonus DVD – 15gs – Purchase everything ever made.


Xbox ONE – Crimson Dragon


Not Bad Rookie – 10gs – Earn a mission medal playing on any difficulty
Act of Courage – 10gs – Start your first mission with Icarus Division
Easy Pickings – 25gs – Killed 50 enemy creatures
Piece of Cake – 10gs – Score “C” rank or higher on a mission in any difficulty mode
Close Call! – 15gs – Use a Revival Gem to revive your dragon during a mission
Do a Barrel Roll! – 15gs – Perform a barrel roll by leaning left or right
Primary Plus – 40gs – Kill 200 enemies using only your dragon’s main skill
Vermin Exterminator – 30gs – Kill 500 enemy creatures
Antibody Archivist – 15gs – Collect 18 different Antibodies from creatures on Draco
Magic Missiles – 35gs – Fire 3000 tracking missiles
Focused Willpower – 40gs – Kill 200 enemies using only you dragon’s secondary skill
Crimson Skies – 45gs – Kill 2000 enemy creatures
Data Harvester – 35gs – Collect 500 beacons
Death from Above – 25gs – Defeat 3 enemy bosses
Skilled Seeker – 10gs – Score “A” rank during any mission in Classic mode
First Time Buyer – 15gs – Purchase 1 item Pack using credits or Jewels
Treasure Hunter – 20gs – Loot 1 rare item and 25 common items
Act of Honor – 50gs – Complete all missions for Coral Lake East, Coral Lake West, and Underground Lake on any difficulty
Draco Delta-731 – 100gs – Complete all story missions on Classic difficulty
Roger That! – 20gs – Activate your wingman dragon communicator and issue a voice command
The Navigator – 15gs – Use voice commands to navigate to the Shop, inventory, and Dragon Roost
Overachiever – 100gs – Acquire all medals for every story mission in the game
Equipped for Battle – 10gs – Use 1 Ampoule during a mission
1628 – 25gs – Use 10 Ampoules
Act of Valor – 50gs – Complete all missions for Forest, Ancient Ruins, and Lava Lake on any difficulty
Act of Truth – 50gs – Complete all story missions on Casual or Classic difficulty
Still Awakening – 15gs – Unlock a new skill by feeding your dragon
Survival of the Fittest – 20gs – Evolve your first dragon
Dragon Master – 35gs – Purchase 3 dragons from the shop
Seeker Lieutenant – 20gs – Achieve player level 5
Seeker Captain – 20gs – Achieve player level 10
Seeker Colonel – 25gs – Achieve player level 20
Seeker General – 50gs – Achieve player level 40